Iron Man 3 Premier at El Capitan Theatre #IronMan3Event

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Iron Man 3

Imagine getting all dressed up in your best dress and walking down the street to the Red Carpet premiere for Iron man 3 and hearing the roar of an engine. You stop where you are because you see out of the corner of your eye this hot red car driving by you with a really good looking guy that you only got a glimpse of but you think you recognize him. Then as the car rolls passed you see “STARK 23” on the license plate. “OMG was that Robert Downy Jr. that just drove by?” Then you hear screams and flashing lights. Yep that's him all right along with his wife Susan.

Tony Stark

Walking the red carpet is just, how can I capture it for you? Amazing! People screaming, camera flashes going off and the stars are walking right next to you. It all happened so fast, it's definitely something I wish everyone could experience. I felt like I was in the Matrix at times walking in slow motion trying to soak everything in while my head was spinning around like the exorcist trying to get a glimpse of stars walking by as people shouted their names. Robert Downey Jr . even stopped and walked down to the crowd and signed autographs and then later did interviews with his co-star Ty Simpkins.

Iron Man 3

Gwyneth Paltrow showed up in a shocking Antonio Berardi dress with sheer side panels that definitely has people talking. Isn't she gorgeous?

Gwyneth Paltrow


I attended this event with 24 other amazing bloggers and lets just say I had the time of my life. After walking the red carpet we all headed into the El Capitan Theatre to watch the movie. Trust me there will be more about the movie in my review post. I will have several posts coming up including interviews with Ty Simpkins, Gwyneth Paltrow , review of the movie & more. Check out the slide show below with more photos of celebrities who attended the event!

Disclaimer: This trip was provided by Disney. I have been a Disney fan long before they contacted me and my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. You are so beautiful to meeeee! Love your hair-did I already tell you that a zillion times? Oh thats right I Great write up and I love how you incorporated all of those photos. You are a Rock-Star!! for sure!

  2. Melissa, it was SO great to meet you! It was truly an amazing experience you looked absolutely fabulous darling! It was amazing to meet you and other 24 ladies checking out Iron Man 3!

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