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Lowes Flower Clearance – How to score Cheap Flowers

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Flower lovers, rejoice! Spring is here and it's time to fill our homes and gardens with beautiful blooms. However, purchasing flowers can often come at a steep price. Luckily, we have a solution for you. Lowes is known for their amazing clearance sales, where you can score some incredible deals on everything from appliances to garden supplies. But did you know that they also have a massive flower clearance section? That's right – if you're on a budget but still want to decorate your home or garden with stunning flowers, then Lowes has got you covered. In this Lowes Flower Clearance article, we'll show you how to score cheap flowers at Lowes so that you can enjoy all the beauty of spring without breaking the bank.

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When ever I go to Lowes for flowers I completely walk passed all the flowers up front and walk straight back to the back of the store.

Lowes Flower Clearance

This is where Lowe's puts all of their flowers on clearance. Usually it's either on the left side or the right side in the back depending on your Lowe's location. I love how Lowe's does this because it helps people with lower incomes like my mom be able to afford purchasing flowers and they aren't throwing so many plants away like their competitors do!

Lowes Flower Clearance

You'll want to look for the yellow clearance signs hanging on the racks. Most of the prices are great but once you start getting to the $10 items, most of these flowers aren't worth it to me. I feel like they are over priced for the condition some of the flowers are in. Most people I meet who frequent this section agree. Did you know that Lowe's actually throws flowers and plants away? I actually saw them tossing some really nice trees in the trash because no-one wanted to pay the higher price tag for the condition they were in.

I am hoping they change this process because, if they would lower their prices just a little on this section, they would be throwing less plants away.

Lowes Flower Clearance

When purchasing flowers in the clearance section you are definitely taking a chance on wether they will perk up or not. But I can say from experience, I haven't had any problems when replanting the items that I have boughten in this section. All of my plants have perked right up!

Marigolds - Lowes

Lowes Flower Clearance Pro Tips:

  • Make sure the flowers you are grabbing off the clearance racks have a black mark through the barcode. If you don't see a black mark, find an associate who can help you and they will fix it for you.
  • Go early in the morning. This is when they put new flowers out and you can get the best pics.
  • You will be tempted to over buy because how cheap they are. You don't want to get home and find you… a) don't have enough room for all of them or b) you don't have enough time to get them all planted before they die. I am talking from experience lol!

Thanks for reading our guide on scoring cheap flowers at Lowe's! We hope you've found the Lowes Flower Clearance tips and tricks helpful in saving you money on your next floral arrangement or garden project. Have you found any other great deals or discounts on flowers? Share them with us in the comments below!

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