Why Marigolds are Important for Your Vegetable Garden

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Why Growing Marigolds are Important for Your Vegetable Garden – 5 Tips!

Why Marigolds are Important for Your Vegetable Garden

Benefits of Growing Marigolds in Your Garden:

When starting our vegetable garden, we were excited to get a few tips for the best possible results.  I was surprised to learn growing Marigolds are great for companion planting along with tomatoes! Although I'd seen my relatives plant them in the past, I never realized how many benefits they can have.  Take a look at quick list of Why Marigolds are Important!

  1. Marigolds deter pests, especially nematodes which can ruin the roots of your vegetables.  I learned that Marigold (Calendula) plants can produce alpha-terthienyl, which helps with nematodes that live in the soil.   Plant them around tomatoes, and also eggplant and peppers in the garden.
  2. Marigolds are great nectar sources for butterflies! This is a win for me, since I sit outside to work often, and enjoy the birds and butterflies.
Companion Planting - Marigolds

3. Marigolds have a pungent aroma and can help deter rodents from your garden.

4. Marigolds have a long history in folk medicine and as you may recognize from their name, Calendula, it is found in many herbal remedies and even skin lotions and balms.  If this interests you there is plenty of information out there on the medicinal uses of Calendula.  As always, be careful when relying on sources for health information on the internet, and seek reputable sources.  🙂

5. Last but not least, marigolds are beautiful! I just love the sunny colors.  Even on the cloudiest, dreary days you will always have a bit of sunny, happy yellow in the garden if you plant Marigolds. They do very well in dry climates, and have the ability to keep blooming even if you're not spending a lot of time tending to them.

Find Marigold seeds online here, or grab a pack of small plants from Lowe's or Home Depot.  If you have a location nearby, I always recommend starting with seedlings. Thanks for reading!

Why Marigolds Are Important To Your Garden

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