Medical Alert Devices Features: What You Need to Look For

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A medical alert system can be lifesaving for senior citizens when they face a medical emergency and cannot reach a phone to call for help. The system detects when your loved one falls or experiences signs of a heart attack, stroke, and other emergency medical situations. It then notifies medical services, ensuring they get help immediately. These devices allow seniors to enjoy peace of mind and live independently, knowing they will get assistance in the event of an emergency. Let's look at what medical alert devices features you should look for before you make a purchase.

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However, there are many medical alert devices available with different features, which can make choosing the best one for your loved one pretty overwhelming. When comparing medical alert devices, you need to know what features to prioritize to ensure you choose one that’ll work best for you or your loved one. These are the perfect way to keep track of your loved one until it's time to start looking at assisted and independent senior living.

Here are some of the key features to consider when buying a medical alert system:

1. A Standalone Device

Medical alert systems that require you to talk through your mobile phone may not be the most reliable and convenient way for seniors to request medical assistance while away from home. Instead, you should opt for a standalone device with a help button and its own speaker and microphone, allowing for two-way communication with the monitoring center. Not only does a standalone device make it more convenient for your loved one to communicate with the monitoring center, but it also eliminates the need to keep track of two devices.

If you choose a home-based medical alert system, ensure you purchase one with a wearable medical alert necklace that connects to the home system. Pressing the emergency button allows your loved one to send an alert for help during a medical emergency when they’re outside.

2. Location tracking technology

You may also want to purchase a medical alert system with location-tracking technology. A GPS locator can come in handy in situations where your loved one can’t communicate with the monitoring center when they need help and are away from home. If you have an iPhone you can share your location with a loved one that may help with “silver alerts”.

In such situations, the location tracking feature sends coordinates to the monitoring center or caregiver, making it easier and faster for them to find your loved one. To ensure your device provides reliable location tracking, ensure it combines Wi-Fi, GPS, and 4G cellular technology. This way, your medical alert system will provide the most accurate and reliable results.

3. Long battery life

Most mobile medical alert devices with a fall detection feature have a battery life of up to five days and can last for 30 days when fully charged without fall detection. As such, you should opt for a medical alert device with a long battery life, especially if it includes fall detection and location tracking. Long battery life is crucial for ensuring your loved one can receive immediate medical assistance while away from home and during a power outage.

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4. Cellular Network Coverage

Medical alert systems have different connection types. While some connect only to landlines, others work with Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Choose a device that works with your local cellular network to ensure you always have a reliable connection. This will make sure the cellular provider of your loved one’s medical alert company receives a signal in their area.


Choosing a medical alert device with the features above will ensure your loved one gets immediate medical assistance in a medical emergency. When choosing a medical alert device, ensure it has all the features that will work best for your unique lifestyle and needs.

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