How to Get the Best Tousled Curls!

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I love getting the Tousled Curls (or Beachy waves and curls) look for when I am heading out of the house. See how you can get this look without spending a lot of time –and money– on your hairstyle!

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Tousled Curls

Tousled Curls and beach waves are the go-to hairstyle for everyone these days. Since
it’s summer, we’re all excited for the beach and backyard hangs yet to happen, and
tousled hair adds to the otherwise perfect summer look. Besides, we don’t need any
occasion for gorgeous beachy, tousled waves, do we?

Here's how you can effortlessly achieve tousled curls:

Washed Hair

Wash Your Hair First – For the Best Waves and Tousled Curls

It’s important to shampoo your hair so you can get rid of excess oil on your scalp. Don't
forget to condition the ends. You can do this style with “day old” hair, meaning hair you washed yesterday.

However, I wouldn't try to curl hair more than a day after washing. Personally, my hairs oils start to weigh it down at that point. Curls don't hold as well as if my hair is freshly washed. And, you can do other hairstyles with hair that hasn't been just washed- such as my cute go-to style in this Messy Bun tutorial.

Dry Your Hair and Apply a Sea Salt Hairspray

After you wash your hair, towel dry your hair so it’s not dripping and blow it out. Use your fingers to lift your hair from the bottom to make them more voluminous.

If you have very thick hair, turn your head upside down a couple times during the drying process to “lift” and create some extra volume. Thinner hair can be dried right side up and just gently lifting as you go. Remember to especially lift up the hair around the crown of your head for some height and dimension!

When it’s completely dry, spritz a quality sea salt spray to add texture to your locks for a beachy look.

Curl Hair- for How to Get the Best  Touseled Curls

Time to Curl

On your curling iron, twist 2-3 inches of your locks and hold for a few seconds. You can
hold for longer if you want curlier ringlets. Be careful though, don’t burn your hair.

Brush Your Curls

Gently brush through your curls to achieve loose waves. If you like them a bit tighter,
then no need to brush. There's nothing you can’t pull off!

hair oil

Slightly Oil Your Curls or Waves

To add some shine, take a small amount of oil in your palms and run through your
tousled curls. Choose the best hair oil for your hair type.

If you have “dry” or coarser hair, don't skip this step! I always have to pay attention to the ends of my hair or my nice curly hairstyle will have a frizzy, frayed look after an hour or two. Just adding some hair product to the ends prevents this problem.

Use a Texturizing Spray

All hair experts use texturizing sprays to keep the ringlets intact. Hairsprays not only
add volume and shine, but also prevent them from going flat and limp. Invest in the best
texturizing spray
for your hair type.

Loose Braid

Funk it Up with a Loose Braid

Tie half of your hair in a loose braid and let the other half loose. Glam up with a loose
fishtail braid to give off boho-festive vibes! Here’s more on how you can style yourself
with messy hairstyles for tousled hair.

Braid Your Hair Overnight

Prefer to style without the heat? If you want easy curls or waves without having to
spend time washing, spraying and curling, slightly wet your hair and tie a tight braid.

Sleep over it, loosen the braid and there you have it! Spritz on some hairspray to keep
them from undoing.

Hair Scarf

Accessorize your Waves or Tousled Curls!

Get some chunky hair accessories to add some oomph to your waves. Cute hair clips,
barrettes, and headbands never go out of style. For your inspiration you can check out
how to wear hair clips and easy headband hairstyles.

Not everyone is a hairstylist and that’s completely fine. Even if you just discovered ‘the
waves’, you can easily pull them off without any hassles. It's easy to level up your hair
game once in a while without too much effort. Good luck and keep glamming up!

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