How to Keep Fresh Flowers and Why You Should Add them as Decor

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 If you are looking for How to Keep Fresh Flowers check out these simple tips and why you should add them to your living space.

How to Keep Fresh Flowers

The wallpapers are looking good. You also got those modern furniture pieces you badly want for your home. And, oh, the lighting fixtures and other accessories are also expertly installed. But, despite completing everything in your interior design checklist, why does it still feel like something's missing?  Well, it's probably because there really is something you forgot. What else could it be?  Fresh flowers, of course! 

Whether you're in the process of adding finishing touches to your new home or redecorating the whole place, you should most definitely consider incorporating a fresher and more vibrant appeal in every way possible. Fresh flowers can make quite a difference in making sure your living space will look more alive, homier, and cozier. 

Below, you'll find more compelling reasons to add fresh flowers into your living space and How to Keep Fresh Flowers.

  1. To Add A Pop Of Natural Color 

Regardless if you're decorating a new or old house, flowers have such a fantastic power to add a pop of natural color into any given space. Even more, the fresher the flowers, the more colorful and vibrant they look. So, it's essential that you know where to shop for the freshest and most beautiful flowers in your neighborhood. If you live in the Boston area, you have many options to get your fresh flowers delivered in Boston the same day.  

Some of the most recommended fresh flowers that are colorful enough to liven up your space include the following: 

  • Tulips in hues of orange, purple, pink, yellow, and red 
  • Sunflowers 
  • Ranunculus adorned with fragrant eucalyptus 
  • Roses in all shades, including pink, red, yellow, white, and blue 

Imagine looking at every corner of your home and seeing bright-colored flowers arranged in vases of different shapes and sizes. Anyone who walks in will, indeed, feel the air of freshness, vibrance, and cheerfulness in your household. 

  1. Affordable Decorative Elements

Flowers are beautiful, yet you don't need to spend tons of money just to fill your space with them. Compared to other expensive decorative elements used in interior design, you can count on fresh blooms to give you the outcome you wish to achieve, without going overboard with expenses.  

Fresh flowers are so easy to maintain when used as home decoration pieces. They only require changing water every few days or so, and when maintained well, the arrangements could last for weeks. As for the containers, you can use old vases and jars to hold the flowers and water. What's more, you can even add a rustic appeal to any space if you have vintage-looking containers that'll perfectly match the bright colors of the flowers. 

  1. Fresh Flowers Boost The Mood 

Because of their different colors and appearances, flowers might have the power to make your mood better and even improve mental health. A quick look at one corner where a tall vase of ranunculus or tulips is cozily placed can lift your spirit, and may even ease your mind from worries and anxiety. 

It's surely a relaxing feeling to sit on your favorite couch or lie in a bedroom that's adorned with fresh and stunning flowers wherever you look. It's like the space is immediately transformed without so much of an effort to make it so. For a more energy-boosting benefit, try to pick orange flowers. If you wish to create a serene and calming ambiance, blooms of green and blue shades would satisfy your preference. 

  1. For The Natural Fragrance Your Home Needs 

There may be several home fragrance options made from chemicals and whatnots, but nothing compares to the natural and intoxicating scent that fresh flowers can give. You'll feel as if you've entered a wonderland of fresh aromas and romantic allure because of how nice the air smells. 

Thanks to fresh flowers, you won't have to worry about unexpected guests coming to your place, and you no longer have time to spray a home cologne or diffuse your scented candles. You can count on the amazing power of fresh blooms to make the space smell pleasingly fragrant.

  1. You Get To Showcase Your Creativity 

It may seem easy, but decorating with flowers takes creativity and a knack for making beautiful things. Adding fresh flowers into your living space is an excellent way to showcase your unique taste, while also making the place as charming and pleasant as it can be. Who knows?  You might even discover you have the potential to be a full-time florist or flower arranger in the future once you start harnessing your inner talent. 

How to Keep Fresh Flowers 2

How to Keep Fresh Flowers Living Longer

Fresh flowers are a beautiful addition to any home, but how do you keep them from wilting? We've compiled some tips and tricks that will help your bouquet stay fresh for as long as possible. First, try not to handle the flowers too much or make drastic changes in temperature or humidity levels. This can cause moisture loss and breakage of stems, which will lead to quicker wilt.

Stay Away from Artificial Light: There are many factors that can shorten their lifespan and one of the most common is being in a room with artificial light. If your favorite spot for fresh flowers is near a window or under lights, it could be affecting how long they stay alive!

It's All about the Water: Keep flowers in cool, room-temperature water. Remove all leaves below the waterline so they won't rot and contaminate the water. Add a flower food packet to keep them nourished until you're ready to use them. How long they last will depend on how quickly they drink up the water. If flowers are cut at an angle under the bud, they'll absorb more of the nutrients from the food packets.

In addition, this helps expose more stem for additional absorption of water since it is angled downward into the vase instead of straight across or upward above the surface of the water .

Prevent Overcrowding: Do not overcrowd fresh flowers when putting them in a vase.How many flowers you can fit into a vase depends on the size of your flower arrangement. A general rule is one bouquet per every 5 liters (1.3 gallons) of water (this works for most standard vases). How many stems you can put in also depends on the length, width and thickness of the stem. The thicker the stem, the more flowers it can support.

Pennies: Follow these simple tips to keep your flowers fresh and beautiful! Add a copper penny, cube of sugar into the vase water for best results. The acidity from the coins helps prevent bacteria while also making them last longer in between washes with soap or other cleaning solutions applied on contact-free basis
A lot interesting facts about posies contributed by pennies – they're said have an anti-bacterial property which can help prolong their life span if you add one during flower arrangement process; plus free

Bleach: You can also keep your fresh flowers from wilting by adding a 1/4 teaspoon of bleach per quart (1 liter) vase water. Another popular recipe calls for 3 drops of bleach and 1 teaspoon sugar in one quarts (liters) hot tap water, which will prevent bacteria growths on their petals while inhibiting the natural wash-off process that occurs when using chlorine or copper sulphate solution

How to Keep Fresh Flowers 3

The Flower Power 

There are more than enough compelling reasons to add fresh flowers into your living space. Whether you just bought a new home or redecorating your old place, brightly colored blooms can make your home look and feel vibrant, calming, and relaxing. Decorating with flowers also allows you to explore and showcase your creative side. The fragrant buds can also affect mood and energy.  

Without a doubt, the question here is no longer why you should decorate your living space with fresh flowers. Instead, it's now a question of when you’re finally doing it. 

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