How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget

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An outdoor kitchen is a great way to spice up your backyard for you to create an outdoor than an indoor kitchen space that you and your family will love by applying some of the best outdoor kitchen ideas; a space where you can host your friends and other guests as well. An outdoor kitchen can be a fantastic area to have birthday parties, BBQ area,s and other celebrations. Keep reading to learn How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget.

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget

However, the outdoor kitchen projects’ total cost can be quite expensive. Do not be discouraged though because there are ways how you can build one with the much money available in one set budget, which is the main focus of this article. You can also fit the outdoor kitchen with any of the commercial kitchen equipment that is available in the market today. Some of the materials you can use are such as natural stones and wet cast stones. Wet cast stone is a method used in construction that provides a wide range of possible finishes.

What Constitutes an Outdoor Kitchen?

Usually, a functional outdoor kitchen space features grilling tools, a pizza oven, an outdoor fridge, an outdoor oven, and cooking sets. An outdoor kitchen plan consists of a dining area, working/counter space, and in some cases a bar. You can get creative and achieve an outdoor kitchen even if you are on a budget. If you have many miscellaneous items that might cumulatively total up to a higher cost, you have the option of being too picky about the fixtures. You can later upgrade the fixtures if need be.

Most of the time, the ground that your outdoor kitchen is on may be one of the pieces that are difficult to fit into the budget. Many people who build the foundation for their outdoor kitchen mostly use stone, concrete, or slate. With any of these materials, they are guaranteed a solid foundation. By opting to build using a slate or stone foundation on the ground, you will be able to stay within the budget and undertake the project as a DIY. Choosing a ground that is relatively level is the best thing to do.

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen On A Budget

Working with salvaged material to build an outdoor kitchen is the best way to be able to stay within the budget. Some of these materials are recycled stone, brick, and reclaimed wood. These materials are all low on cost so long as you are not worried about your outdoor kitchen looking “stylish”. Furniture can also be expensive if you are not keen on what it is you pick out. You can shop in places such as flea markets. There is a wide range of affordable sets of furniture, light fixtures, window boxes, and other materials that can contribute to the ambiance in your outdoor kitchen.

Daniel Grilling

The Grill

In the grilling area, one can avoid the cost of custom selections and installations if one opts to purchase an outdoor grill that is premade and that’s stainless steel grill for easy cleaning. In the grill station, one has the option of having grill tools such as a gas grill, propane grill, or charcoal grill.

One needs to have well-serviced propane tanks or natural gas when using propane grills. When using gas grills, the gas lines need to be installed by a professional to avoid associated accidents. Creating an outdoor grill island in the backyard using some of the modern designs gives the family a great spot for bonding and a safe food production arena for everyone.

Furniture and Seating Fixtures

The building project of an outdoor kitchen island requires the installation of equipment and appliances that can withstand all weather conditions. The first step to creating enhanced alfresco dining is applying some of the best options from the lots of design ideas. For Instance, one can buy a cloth chair if you are looking for a seat that is about bar height. Also, it is important to buy one with a cover in case there are spills, dirt, or stains on it since you will be able to clean it or replace it when it gets too damaged. Always remember to bring the covers inside the house whenever there is harsh weather.

Since you are building an outdoor kitchen on a budget, you can opt to buy small-budget furniture that is mismatched. This is based on the tables and chairs. This means you should buy only that which is within your budget and not put so much effort into matching furniture since it ends up requiring a lot of money to install. If anything, mismatched furniture can give your modern outdoor kitchen an eclectic vibe and make the best outdoor kitchens experience that much more memorable. Either way, you can easily replace the furniture down the line.

Plan for your outdoor kitchen’s future

By selecting things like mismatched furniture and premade grills, you are creating a great opportunity for yourself to not plan for the future of your outdoor space.

However, this allows you to decide if you like having a structure whose overall cost does not exceed the small budget set. Especially if the place you are currently living in is temporary, the best thing is to choose the type of outdoor kitchen furniture that is more easily replaced and movable and that allows you to save up for your own future. We all have plenty of dream kitchens that we can achieve in the long run by creating the custom outdoor kitchens of permanent structures on permanent living space.

Things To Consider When Building An Outdoor Kitchen On A Budget

While entertaining guests or having a family get-together, a modern style outdoor space is a good idea. Building one using the accessible DIY instructions can not only be fun but also a great way to save you a lot of money. The following are some of the things that you should consider:

Begin with the frame of the structure

There are plenty of options when considering the best frame structure. The most important aspect to consider is the durability of the materials used. The material used also enhances the quality of the outdoor living space. The tools that you will use to assemble the frame and the overall cost for the frame should be well thought out as well. There are three types of frames, their benefits and drawbacks as well.

Benefits of Using a Wood Frame

Wood is considered the framing option that lowers the overall outdoor kitchen cost. Pressure-treated pine is the most suitable choice when framing is involved. In terms of price, it ranges from about $3-$10 per square foot. This is totally dependent on the quality of wood and your geographic location.

Wood is also known to be one of the easiest materials to work with. This means that a wood frame can be assembled by a person who has little to no building experience at all. The wood frame leaves room for a great addition for backings. This allows you to add accent designs and finishes such as tile, granite, or stone to be able to achieve the kind of look that you are going for.

Disadvantages of Using a Wood Frame

Keep in mind, that wood is highly susceptible to catching fire. Hence, if you use wood to make your frame, you must add a fire-resistant coating and an insulated jacket to reduce the chances of your frame being set on fire. Wood may be inexpensive up front, but the upkeep can prove to be quite costly. Wood is also more susceptible to damage as compared to brick or steel. It is prone to attacks and destruction from bugs and insects that eat away at it. The first thing to do when working with wood is apply a needed coating.

Benefits of Using a Brick Frame

Brick is a classic and is made of durable material. It is one of the most popular styles that has been used over time to make an outdoor kitchen. Because a brick frame is a timeless style, you will not be required to add any materials to make the outer-facing wall more attractive since the structure of the brick for the framing can blend nicely into the beautiful exterior. Compared to wood, brick is weather and fire-resistant. You can bet that this is a safer and long-term investment.

Disadvantages of Using a Brick Frame

Brick is a classic and is made of durable material. It is one of the most popular styles that has been used over time to make an outdoor kitchen. Because a brick frame is a timeless style, you will not be required to add any materials to make the outer-facing wall more attractive since the structure of the brick for the framing can blend nicely into the beautiful exterior. Compared to wood, brick is weather and fire-resistant. You can bet that this is a safer and long-term investment.

Benefits of Using a Steel Frame

Steel is another one of the most durable materials you can use for a DIY outdoor kitchen frame since it is able to withstand a wide range of weather elements. Steel is a sturdy material and can cover a larger area with very little material. Ultimately, steel ranges from about $67 to $95 per square foot. This may seem very expensive. However, since you only require less of it to build, it is a cost-effective material to use as compared to brick. Another bonus to using steel is that it is renewable and recyclable which makes it an eco-friendly material.

Disadvantages of Using a Steel Frame

It is not advisable to work with steel if you are a beginner. You will be required to rivet and bolt the steel to a concrete slab at some point for you to be able to assemble the frame. This requires expertise and specialized tools. If the outdoor kitchen you are building is in a humid area, the material may end up being corroded by moisture. Therefore, you have to add special coatings of anti-corrosives while using it in construction. 

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget 2

Select Materials for a Beautiful Finish 

Selecting a suitable finish is the next step to complete your outdoor kitchen frame. When working with wood, add water-and-mold resistant concrete boards to the frame structure to provide support. This will provide you with a firm foundation to add decorative panels such as stucco, stone, and tile.

Stainless steel is a more durable material. It is also quite easy to maintain and clean. Its price ranges from about $67-$95 per square foot.

If you are a fan of contemporary style in the finish that fits in well with wood, you can use granite to get this result. The one downside to opting for granite is that it is more prone to staining than any other finishes you could opt for. Its price ranges from $45-$200 per square foot.

 Stainless steel is a more durable material. It is also quite easy to maintain and clean.  Its price ranges from about $67-$95 per square foot.

Stucco is a material that is also good as a finish since it is durable and requires very little maintenance. It is quite pocket friendly and is naturally resistant to fire. However, moist climatic conditions can be quite a problem for stucco. It is priced at about $6 – $9 per square foot.

Stone is another great material since it can easily blend into the natural elements that are surrounding your home. Stone however is not an easy material to work with especially if you are not a professional builder. Its prices range from about $12-$17 per square foot.

Tile is also a nice finish since it is a great choice for those DIYers that are crafty and want to work with a wide variety of colors and styles. The downside is, that tiles are very fragile compared to granite countertops. Therefore, if the outdoor kitchen you want to build is in an area that experiences extreme climatic switches, you might want to reconsider that choice. Its price ranges from $2-$7 per square foot.

Concrete is another great material to use when you want to add a modern finish to your outdoor kitchen. Making concrete countertops is also quite pocket friendly in terms of costs and is pleasing to look at. However, it requires extra maintenance since it needs to be sealed and unsealed at least annually to reduce its chances of cracking. It is priced at about $1-$2 per square foot. Counter slabs for the flooring are easy to clean and last longer.

Add Fuel to Your Outdoor Kitchen 

Once the frame is done and out of the way and you have added the finishes, you are required to fuel your outdoor kitchen. Some of the popular fueling options for fueling an outdoor kitchen are such as natural gas and propane. Propane is known to be the most cost-effective fuel since it contains more than twice the energy of natural gas. Typically, rates can rise as high as $10,000 for homeowners who need a complete conversion to natural gas.

The other most important item is a fire pit. It’s ideal for having a controlled bonfire when staying up late or enjoying a late-night with family or friends time. The fire pit cost must be put into check to maintain the average cost of the overall outdoor kitchen cost. We hope this article will help you learn how to How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget and create an inviting space.


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