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Star Wars Labels for Party Foods!

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Star Wars Labels are a must-have for any Star Wars Party! Print your free labels here!

Printable Star Wars Food Labels

For some people, Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon that has been around since the franchise's inception in 1977. For others, it is a film series they have only recently become aware of through the release of The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, there are many ways to celebrate this iconic series with your family for May 4th (aka Star Wars Day.)

Wookie Cookies

Do you want to have a Star Wars themed party for your child but are running out of ideas? Here is a list of food labels with images that will help make the day extra special.

Many of us have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We know the story and some of the characters, but we haven't had time to see all six movies in order. What if you were hosting a Star Wars party for your children? Or what if you are planning on having a baby shower and want to theme it around one of the films? You don't want to be unprepared or uninformed!

Yoda Soda

Star Wars Labels Printable:

Food labels are easy to prepare and take a party from general to “Pinterest” perfect with very little prep. Your guests will love these fun Star Wars Themed food ideas!

MAY THE fourth be with you

Print Your Party Food Labels Here

How to Print and Use Your Food Labels:

Keep in mind this file prints as a PDF. On your printer settings, choose full color. If you prefer sticky labels for a polished look we recommend using a printer compatible vinyl sticky label paper. You can print onto paper and apply to the clear vinyl (making a sticky surface all the way around the label). Or just print to the vinyl if you have experience doing this and your printer works well with these project.

Padawan Popcorn

Personally I don't like to stick labels all over everything– you have to get it back off later! LOL! Small stand up cardstock signs work amazingly well to attach labels to. You can just use take to attach to your food containers. As you can see above, I just printed out and attached with some clear Scotch tape!

And, cleanup is a lot easier after the party is over. You can print to cardstock using the printer compatible sized cardstock paper. Then, just cut out your labels to the size you need.

Resize your printable
Important Note:

Before you print, keep in mind there will be 9 pages in this pack. You want to custom scale the size to be 80% or about the size of a small Thank You Card when it prints on on traditional 8.5 x11″ paper. Otherwise, the labels will take up the entire page! Not a good use of black ink!

Hope these are fun to make and even more fun to see all together on your party table! Enjoy!

If you love these Star Wars labels and need more Star Wars arts and craft ideas, see this Soup Cozy for Microwave with Star Wars themed fabric!

microwave bowl cozy
Lightsaber pretzel rods in party mode with printable name tag

Use your food labels to feature these awesome Lightsaber Pretzel Rods! See the recipe at link. The kids will love to help with this one!

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