Promise Rings for Couples Meaning: Everything You Need to Know

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When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” — When Harry Met Sally Let's talk about promise rings for couples meaning and what you need to know before you give one.

Promise Rings for Couples Meaning

What Is a Promise Ring and What is a Promise Ring meaning?

A promise ring is a special gift that symbolizes commitment. Although the promise ring doesn’t traditionally accompany a proposal of marriage, it’s still a precious gift that makes a big statement. It can be worn by either men or women, and is typically made from precious metals and stones. Promise rings can come in many different styles, and are often used to represent promises made between two people. They can be personalized with messages or symbols that hold special meaning for the couple. People wear promise rings to show a couple’s commitment .If you're thinking about getting a promise ring for your significant other, here's what you need to know on the meaning of a promise ring. Promise rings for couples meaning and everything you need to know.

Good News! You’ve found your person and you want to continue your relationship for the long haul. The idea of a promise ring might be in your thoughts.

  • Many young lovers use promise rings as a sign of commitment to a romantic relationship or symbol of love before heading off to separate colleges. 
  • The gift of a promise ring is a sweet way of saying, “I want to be exclusive.”
  • Couples who don’t wish to follow the institution of marriage use promise rings to replace traditional engagement or wedding ring or wedding band.
  • Promise rings are different than purity rings. Purity rings have a completely different meaning. Purity rings are symbols of promise to not have sex until marriage.
  • It's Typically worn on your left ring finger not on your right hand.
  • It can come in various styles. Some have smaller stones and some have larger stones.
  • How much does a promise ring cost? that depends on the style you choose.

A promise ring is meaningful—and zero stress. As the gift giver, you get to choose exactly what the promise ring means to your relationship.

How Serious Is a Promise Ring?

There are differing opinions on the significance of a promise ring. because they mean different things to different people. Some believe they’re only meant to be pre-engagement gifts, and others use promise rings as a way to show commitment without the social construct of marriage. The truth is, a promise ring means something different to every person. It's a promise of love or a token of love. If you want to buy a promise ring for your partner, do it! The important thing to remember is, you should feel comfortable choosing something that reflects your relationship.

Love is all about communication. As long as you communicate the intentions behind your gift, your loved one will be thrilled to receive it.

Celebrity Couple Promise Rings

Promise rings are popular among celebrity couples who are serious about their love. And with celebrity resources, why wouldn’t you show off your great taste in fine jewelry?

Celebrity promise rings are often flashed on the red carpet or photographed for social media. Couples like Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are all well-known for wearing rings as a sign of commitment. Even the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took romantic gifts a step further with initialed bracelets and necklaces to match. They recently welcomed their second child into the world—so the relationship seems to be working out.

Promise Rings for Couples Meaning 2

Design Differences: Promise Ring vs. Engagement Ring for Her

There are no rules when it comes to designing your promise rings. The promise ring probably won’t be worn alongside the engagement and wedding rings, so you have tons of room to let your creativity run wild. Remember this is a symbol of commitment.Welcome your bold taste in jewelry with open arms! The history of promise rings date back centuries.

If you need a little guidance to make the right choice, here’s are some popular options and their special occasions.

Acrostic Rings:

Acrostic rings are a type of Victorian romantic jewelry that have the initials for each precious stone mounted on it. Typically found in the victorian eras.These letters then spell out something such as “dearest” or “regards” when read horizontally from top-to left, bottom right to finish up again at starting point – this way they're always able remind you how much love there is in your world!

Posy Rings:

Posy rings (also known as posie or poesy) are a type of jewelry that was a popular choice during the 15th century, 16th century and 17th centuries for young couples. They typically have inscriptions (romantic poems ) or a secret message on them, often in French or Latin with English added later on as well- it's not just an England thing! These small golden finger bowls would be given by lovers to one another as gifts – you could say they were giving “posies” for your love instead (or maybe even demanding!).

A posy has three parts: 1) A ring made out gold; 2), sometimes there’s also some kind language like “blind Love

Claddagh Rings:

What is the Claddagh ring? It's an Irish tradition that began in 17th century Galway. In ancient times, the design represents love, loyalty and friendship with a heart for each element on top of two clasped hands symbolizing peace between best friends or lovers!

Eternity Rings:

The eternity ring (infinity symbols) is a symbol of neverending love, meant to be worn by married couples. The continuous line across the center represents their bond while each stone stands for one year they have been together as husband and wife (or some other anniversary).

A half-eternity rings (diamond rings) can also exist where only certain parts are blessed with jewels–such as on either side near your fingers so you don't find yourself struggling when trying remove it during daily activities like washing dishes or brushing teeth!

Eternity rings featuring paste gems, white topaz or a mix of stones appeared in the 18th century.

Don’t Outdo the Engagement Ring

We know you’re excited. And sure, your promise ring can be out-of-this-world gorgeous—just make sure it doesn’t exceed the budget or size of her future engagement ring. Small diamonds can be ok. You might even look at verdelite tourmaline for an earthy wedding ring. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Personalize It!

Many jewelers include free engraving in their price plans, so take advantage of this and include your initials inside the promise ring band. For even more personalization, include meaningful gemstones or request a design that represents a special moment. If you're doing an engagement ring you could even inscribe your wedding date.

Use the Promise Ring as an Excuse to Get to Know Her Tastes

Every couple is different when it comes to the engagement process. But if you know you want to surprise her in the future, this is a great opportunity to observe her ring tastes. Ask her friends and family members for input—just make sure they know this is for a promise ring, not an engagement ring. Make sure they also understand the promise rings for couples meaning.

Promise Rings for men

Are Promise Rings for Men, Too?

The short answer: yes!

As men’s jewelry rises in popularity, it’s becoming more and more common for men to wear promise rings. And it only makes sense—if you’ve got a good man, you’ve got to let everyone know he’s taken. Men’s promise rings are usually slender bands with precious stones, like emeralds, sapphires, or rubies. Diamonds can be included as accent stones, too. You may want to consider matching promise rings, especially if you’re using your promise ring as a substitute for marriage bands.

How to Gift Your Promise Ring

Gifting a promise ring can be tricky. You want the experience to be meaningful, but you don’t want it to seem like a proposal.

Discuss Your Promise Ring Ahead of Time

If you’re unsure about how your partner will react to a promise ring, ask them about it! Jewelry is an exciting topic for everyone, and your partner will probably want some input on the ring you choose.

By keeping communication open, you won’t take your lover by surprise when presenting them with a ring. Let them know a general timeframe for when you want to have the jewelry finished, and plan a scavenger hunt, a picnic, or a romantic getaway. Make sure your partner also understands the promise rings for couples meaning.

You could even write promise ring vows or poetry.

Gift It with an Appropriate Speech

Think a romantic dinner for two or fireside hot chocolate after a full afternoon of ice skating. This is the perfect time to tell her how much she means to you. 

But before you open the ring box, make sure you clarify exactly what the ring means with a sweet speech—you don’t want her to think it’s an engagement!

Choose a Couple’s Ring Set and Have a Promise Ring Reveal

If you’re getting a couple's promise rings, it’s likely you’ve already discussed your romantic intentions. So why not get your partner involved in the selection of the rings?

Work together to choose the gemstone, gold, and other essentials. Let your partner know your must-haves. Then, purchase each other’s rings separately, so the final design, presentation, and engraving are kept a surprise.

Promise Me Forever…

Just because it’s not the right time for marriage doesn’t mean it’s not the right time for jewelry. Jewelry is always a good idea. At the end of the day , you just want to show how much you love them.

Remember to pack your promise ring full of meaning—whether that’s with a romantic engraving or a gemstone she’s been eyeing. You can even wrap the ring up in a love letter—and watch your partner’s eyes light up when they open it. 

We hope this is just the beginning of your lifelong romance and you know understand promise rings for couples meaning.

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