5 Summer Family Home Party Ideas

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It's summer, and you know what that means: more time with the kids! With the pandemic still around, it is hard to travel and travel with your family. With the your family likely staying local this year, there are so many ideas that you can implement that are budget-friendly and include your loved ones, but add in that element of fun you need.  If you're looking for some fun ideas for activities, check out some of these summer party outdoor ideas!

Daniel Pool

Pool Party:

While a pool party is one of the best ideas for the summer heat, make sure you have pool access!  If you do, here are some great products that I love to use to make pool parties even more fun for the kids.  Best of all, they don't have to be expensive–these are budget-friendly!

Checklist & Recommendation: 

Pool Net

Make sure that you keep your pool clean and shop the deals! A simple pool net will make cleaning up a breeze this season.

Water Toys and Guns

Want to have a friendly water fight with your friends and family? This cute dinosaur-shaped toy is perfect for A water gun fights poolside.

Pool FloatsPool floats can add that extra layer of relaxation that you want by the pool. While the kids are playing and splashing around, lay on one of these to take in some of that summer sun.

If you have got ideas for a themed pool party, perfectly designed inflatables will cite your ideas to realization. They come in all possible shapes, forms, sizes, and designs, thus making them a perfect option for transferring your imagination into reality. You can lie on a large inflatable island float and take your time for relaxation or have fun on a water slide with your family and guests. Whatever option you choose, make sure they provide extra fun and fill the pool day with joyful moments.

S’mores and Campfire Party

Backyard Smores

Everyone loves s’mores, but you do need to ensure that your party practices good fire safety. To do this, we found some great items to add to your party and keep your friends and family safe. Here are our favorites to help keep the campfire party going even after dark.

Checklist & Recommendation: 

Fire Pit Cloth Cover

To keep your fire pit out of sight and safe from young kids, add this fire pit cloth cover to your backyard. It's simple, stylish, and can cover up to 28 inches of the fire pit. This is great to use before and after you make s'mores.

Ice Cube Maker

A fun dolphin-shaped ice cube maker is not only perfect for your campfire home party but also extremely cute! These are great to toss into your family's drinks to keep them cool while you sit and warm up by the warm flames.

Movie Night Indoor 

Caught in a thunderstorm or want to enjoy a night away from the mosquitoes? Movie nights can be fun for the whole family and even for friends who come to sleepover! Here are the best deals we found on items to help make your movie night this summer special, no matter who you spend it with! We added this to our summer party outdoor ideas for rainy days. But don't forget you can still do movie night outside with a movie screen.

Checklist & Recommendation: 

DVD Player

No movie night is complete without the DVD player! This is an essential item, especially if you want to pull out some old movies to show the kids. Best of all, the DVD player won’t break your budget and add on a simple and old school vibe ! 


For a pleasant  scent while you cuddle up on the couch, a lime & basil candle helps with tension relief. It is excellent for the most stressful nights, especially while you sit and watch a movie and munch on some popcorn. 

Wine Aerator

If you are enjoying a night with just your husband or bestie, treat yourselves to a wine aerator. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it perfectly filters your wine, so it tastes great every time. You'll win the housewife award of the year for this purchase!

Backyard Brunch -summer party outdoor ideas

Backyard Brunch

On the best mornings, you can create a brunch for everyone to enjoy. It is one of the best feelings to wake up and enjoy a fresh cup of orange juice while listening to the nature surrounding you. To truly make it an enjoyable morning, here are some ideas that will surely impress your friends and family!

Checklist & Recommendation: 

Table Cloth

No brunch is truly complete without the right table cloth. You don't have to search for days to find the perfect one because this one is perfect for the job. These are simple, disposable, and help make your job easy as a host and housewife.

Heat Resistant Baking Mats

Looking for something easy to place your hot dishes on? A heat resistant oven liners that are perfect for all your baked goods and fresh dishes. Best of all, they are reusable!

There are so many ideas that you can use this summer to entertain your friends and family. Whether it is a campfire with the kids or a movie night with your loved ones, these ideas are sure to impress and those deals are sure to keep it all budget-friendly but fun! 

The whole full party checklist are available here ! Make sure you order with this link so you could get full refund from whatever you order because Rebatest is seeking product testers! 

Thank you for reading this summer party outdoor ideas guide! I hope you found some items that can help you make this summer memorable and enjoyable. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you and help you find the best products to create unforgettable parties at home this season.

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