Self Care Ideas for Moms

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For us busy moms, we all know life is is full with multiple responsibilities! See a few self care ideas for moms to help you recharge!

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Self Care Tips for Moms

We might say a mom’s to-do list is too long for any other human to handle! With your hands constantly full with kids and household chores, no-one will blame you if your self-care routine falls by the wayside. However, we all know that to take care of ourselves, sometimes we need to stop and take those deep breaths. Reset and take some time out for yourself to be able to continue caring for your family to the best of your ability. If this is you, don’t fret. It’s vitally important to practice self care. Oftentimes we hear of neglecting our own health as the cause of unwanted fatigue, stress, anxiety, irritability, and sometimes even contributing to depression.

To help you recharge, this article explores some practical self-care ideas that every mom should try. So, make time for self-care and re-energize with these 6 ideas.

Keep in mind these tips can be adapted for a new mom or one who’s children are actually grown and leaving the nest! We all have multiple responsibilities with families- even if these look different depending on the season of life you are finding yourself in at this time. Please note this article is not meant for health advice- see disclaimer below.

Focus on your Food! High Quality Ingredients are Important

Nourishing your body with healthy foods is a great way to get started on nurturing healthy behavior. Important things we should keep in mind as moms are to:

  • Do not skip meals— if you’re not hungry, grab a piece of fruit, handful of nuts, or a good quality nutrition bar
  • Get your water! This is one way to take better care of yourself without investing ANY money. You can use an app like MyFitnessPal or MyPlate to track water, or you can invest in a fun water bottle. In our experience, having a very large water bottle or tumbler will encourage you to drink water throughout the day.
  • Set aside one or two meals a week to go meatless– this is an easy way to lower fats and cholesterol. If you can’t do that- focus on fresh ingredients! Add a wrap or salad to your week!
  • Visit the farmers market! This is a fun way to get motivated to add veggies into your diet. Always ensure that you have stocked up enough organic produce for the healthiest homemade foods. Going out to shop for organic produce can be a strong motivation for you to cook in case you don’t love the kitchen!
  • Avoid soda. We’ve all heard this one. It can be something we think we NEED in our everyday life to maintain energy. If you can’t get away from the soda, start by eliminating soda with 1 meal or 1 day a week. It may be the best thing you’ve done in a while! We all know the feeling of too much sugar– it can lead to a lack of energy later in the day.
  • Skip the fast food line on the way home- without much time in our day, many of us moms will find the only real “food” we may get is what we pick up in a hurry on the way to get the kids or head out on errands. Keep some healthy snacks in the car to avoid this if you feel like you’re always needing fast food. Even 1-2 days a week you are skipping out on these high-calorie, higher-fat foods can be a great goal to improve your overall health!

Don’t Compromise Sleep

Inadequate sleep could lead to excess fatigue during the day, especially if you have a busy schedule! New moms may be laughing right now if they are reading this. Work and caring for young children often interrupt sleep, which you may not have a lot of control over. However, keeping up with your own needs of sleep is important too. Avoid scrolling your phone at times you can grab a little extra sleep, whether it’s late at night or early morning– before the kids are up or you have to head off to work. Limit late night movies and errands if possible.

If you have preschool or toddlers, establish a bedtime routine and turn off electronics and screen time early. Schedule time to allow yourself to “wind down” before bed to avoid turning on additional electronics. While our devices are helpful for so many things, there has been a lot of research in recent years on how they can rob us of important sleep! Other things that can help wind down are a good book (such as inspirational, faith-based or self-improvement), or a cup of tea or warm drink of choice. If you use essential oils, you can incorporate that into your daily routine when you are going to bed or waking up.

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More Sleep Self-Care Tips

For the mom of a newborn baby, trying to get enough sleep at first may seem impossible. There were a couple times in those days I thought we would get any sleep all night! It’s also harder to accept help in those early days if you’re not used to it. But, don’t let mom guilt take over. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask!

Enlist family members or even a trusted friend to help as babysitter if you find nothing else is working. It will help recharge, give you a time to get a hot shower and maybe even a few minutes to accomplish a task you’ve been putting off. And then resume mom duties when fresh. If you feel like your mental health is suffering or not in a good place, the most important self-care activity is to reach out and ask for help. You can always talk to your doctor if you feel something isn’t right and you don’t feel comfortable talking to family or friends.  

Walk, walk, and walk!

Setting aside walking is a great healthy lifestyle habit. You could walk through random neighborhoods, around your block, parks, trails, or even walk up and down the stairs in your apartment. What’s important is to get out of the house, get your heart racing, sweat a little, and breathe. Don’t place any unnecessary pressure on yourself while at it. Just walk and have a great time.

If you want to get away from your thoughts, walking does the trick for you. If you want to think, getting out of the house will get your creative juices flowing.

Here are more ideas for sneaking exercise into your day:

  • Participate in outdoor activities that kids love, e.g. jumping rope, swimming, or cycling.
  • Sign up for online dance classes and make a habit of dancing by yourself in the house. Remember, it’s not about perfection. It is about staying physically active.
  • Sign up for a Tai Chi, Yoga class, or or even family marital arts class and be sure to attend consistently.
  • Try beginner exercises such as crunches and squat jumps.

Pamper yourself regularly 

Be mindful of your appearance. One of the best ways people find to get motivated are to get out of pajamas, get all cleaned up, put on some makeup, and dress up even when stuck indoors- you will feel presentable and ready for the day when you do. Making your bed and tidying up are also some self-care tips we love. It can help you feel accomplished, even with a little time spent.

If you have a supportive partner, don’t shy away from requesting him/her to cover for you once in a while for weekend getaways with your girlfriends. Go spend a whole weekend in Las Vegas, for example. Have all the fun that you can and visit one of those fancy Las Vegas hair salons for a complete beauty makeover. Get your nails, hair, and makeup done by professionals for a change. Buy yourself new clothes… just pamper yourself!

Practice mindful meditation 

Yoga -self care ideas for moms

Meditation is one of the most underrated self-care routines for moms. On top of helping you recharge, meditation will minimize your fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and eliminate any chances of depression. Improved mental health is what you need for healthy eating and basically every other self-care routine you could have.

In case you’ve never meditated before, you can always rely on the free “meditation for beginners” tutorials on YouTube. There also are a ton of meditation apps for new moms (e.g. the Mindfulness App and Expectful) that will help you ease gradually into the world of meditation.

Normalize putting your thoughts on paper

Journaling is becoming more popular. Finding a good journal and putting your feelings and thoughts on paper can help in a variety of ways. Prayer journaling is one of the easiest ways to journal, and can be a good thing for spiritual health, as well. If you love to write your thoughts and goals for future reference, journaling is a great first step.

Again, this isn’t about how well you write or how professional your journal looks. What is important is that you note down how you feel during the day, and what could have contributed to that feeling. Write about any topic that comes to mind, from your parenting fears, wellness routine, your daily accomplishments, to the things you’re grateful about. Jotting down these thoughts will relieve your mind and heart of the feelings and thoughts that weigh you down as a mom, on top of keeping you accountable and on your toes. Gratitude journaling is also becoming popular as a way to recognize the good things and blessings that come our way.

Stay connected 

Before anything else, we need to mention that social media isn’t the healthiest platform for connecting with friends. Reason? Many times social media can portray a perfect life. Even your friends and acquaintances on social media appear so cool and perfect. The last thing you want is to compare your life to someone’s online lifestyle. We prefer to follow social media bloggers and influencers that actually mention this. Remember, social media is often the “highlight reel” and doesn’t reflect day to day life. If you find yourself discouraged after being on social media– no matter what kind of person you are following– chances are that is a good indication you need a break!

With that out of the way, let’s talk about creating and maintaining real, meaningful connections with real family and friends. Have the goal of minimizing screen time for social media, even if it’s a certain amount in a single day. Self-care activities on social media might include removing apps from your phone, deciding to only share positive news, or limiting yourself to only chatting with a best friend or a few family members.


Adding all or some of these ideas to your day– or even every few hours – will definitely make a huge difference in your life as a mom. It is simple deliberate self-care steps that yield optimal mental, physical, and emotional health. So, don’t wait until you break, mama. You deserve to lead the very best version of your life. You’ve got this!

Thanks for reading! Please note this post is not meant as health advice in any way and I am not a medical professional. If you have a health concern, please see your healthcare provider. ~ Consumer Queen

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