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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

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Are you looking for Valentine's Day gift for Kids that will make their day special? See our list of ideas here for the perfect gift! We've included some cool gift ideas for younger kids, as well as older kids! Read below for more and find something for your little sweethearts.

As parents of kids of all ages know, waiting till the last minute can be tricky. The stores have limited stock on the the best Valentine's day gifts, and it seems like right now prices are increasing across the board. Still, as a mom I always want to make any holiday special for my kids. In the past few years I have tried to find that special gift ahead of time, and then I don't feel quite like I'm scrambling last minute. That can add a lot of unnecessary stress to this mom's life– and of course who needs that?!

A tight budget can also make it interesting to find exactly what you need for holidays. However, there are a lot of great gift ideas out there that will fit into a $5 or $10 budget! Some of the best Valentine's Day gifts are either DIY or somewhat DIY– put together yourself!

See our 2022 Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids Gift Guide HERE:

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Do you have a Pet in the Family on Your Valentine's Day Gift List? Don't leave them out while you're shopping! Here are our Gifts for Pets (and their favorite people)!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Pet Parents

Budget-friendly Gift Ideas for Kids:

  • Classic Teddy Bears – Small plush animals are perfect to display on a dresser or shelf (for older kids) or add to their stuffed animal collection (for younger kids). Add a 4-pc box of chocolates or their favorite candy!
  • Fidget Toys- You can find the latest fidget toys for around $5 or under. They are available at Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Five Below. You can also find multi-packs of fidget toys on Amazon.
  • DIY Valentine's Day cards- Kids wont care if the card is from the card aisle at the drug store, or one you made yourself! Print some cute animal photos or add your own flair for a homemade card. Add a small toy or candy surprise and call it good!
  • Balloons– These are probably the most budget friendly way to show you care. Dollar Tree has great party favors, Valentine's Day balloons and more.
  • Valentine's Day stickers — these are very inexpensive and you can find them at about any discount or dollar store!
  • Choose a water bottle to add stickers to or personalize. You can find double walled water bottles at Five Below.

Gifts to Wow Them:

If you love gift giving and just can't wait to have them open a new surprise as the first holiday after Christmas, check out our list of new toys!

  • Bath Bombs set- this is perfect for a teen, tween, or little girl (be sure to look for non-toxic and allergy friendly labels).
  • Large plush toys– find these in stores at Walmart, Target and more around Valentine's Day.
  • Gift subscription with easy crafts they can do with you!
  • Heart Aprons– does your kiddo love to cook? Get them in the kitchen with a fun new apron and bake some Valentine's Day treats!
  • DIY Craft Kits– school aged kids often develop an interest in a certain craft, such as sewing, crocheting, art or something totally different. Find a craft kit to inspire them!
  • Video Games– if you're looking to add to their game collection for a new gaming system they got for Christmas, this is a great idea for older kids.
  • Care Bears — these classic toys are a fun gift to go along with a Valentine's theme

Gift Ideas for Older Kids, Teens, and Young Adult:

  • Make a photo book– choose special moments together or sports recognition/graduation pics and more.
  • Gift Baskets make an ideal gift for your college student. Include their favorite snacks and some nice treats they wouldn't normally buy!
  • A personalized gift with their name or initials from Personalization Mall. Monogrammed items are great for the dorm, sports meets and school!
  • A journal or blank book. We love the new gratitude journals available on Amazon!
  • A cookie bouquet! Send one to your college student or adult kids– they will never forget this one! I have gotten a few and loved each one.
  • Lego set- a small set is a great idea for boys who don't want anything “fluffy” as a gift!

Non-tangible gift ideas:

A great way to show the kids you care around Valentine's Day is to give the gift of time! This is the type of gift that they can take advantage of any time of year. If you don't love the idea of buying more toys and “stuff”, the perfect present may be a day spent one-on-one, or doing something together as a family that you wouldn't normally do. Gifting experiences is the perfect way to show you care and give thoughtful gifts for something he or she likes to do. Here are some ideas:

  • Attend a musical, free event, or movie. We have a craft fair right before Valentine's Day each year and love attending as a family group!
  • Make some fun dessert recipes together
  • Choose a fun activity such as skating, bowling or an indoor trampoline park!

Gifts for Babies:

Even if it's his or her first Valentine's Day, parents and grandparents alike have lots of love to show for the new little one. See these fun gift ideas for babies!

  • Play Gym with Bright Colors
  • Picture book or sweet book you can spend time reading together
  • Valentine's or pink bows (perfect for photo sessions)

Thanks for reading!

We hope this gives some gift inspiration and you can find some of the year's best Valentine's Gifts. It's a great time to show someone you care, and a great excuse to break up that winter routine! See more Valentine's Day inspiration below.

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