5 Side Hustle Jobs for Extra Cash

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See these 5 Side Hustle Jobs for Extra Cash– and get expert advice from H&R Block when you need it for all your tax and earnings questions! If you’re ready to file for this year, head over to H&R Block Online now for an exclusive 20% Off for ConsumerQueen.com readers!


Flip Products Online

With all of the convenient apps and social media sites available to sell your stuff, you can actually make a little extra money by turning your selling skills into a hobby.

Not only can you sell your own stuff, but if you have the time to search for used products online, you can resell later on for more. Common things to flip online might be clothing, shoes, accessories, and furniture or home décor.

Our best tips for Flipping Products as a Side Hustle Job:
resale products online - Side hustle jobs idea
  • Remember, always prioritize your safety! Do not give out personal information like addresses.
  • Be aware of scams targeting sellers– if they promise to pay later, that’s a red flag.
  • Have a good system of how to meet up with buyers or ship products that ensures safety and social distancing.
  • Take good quality pictures in daylight, and try to make your products as presentable as possible!
  • Buy out of season clearance or close out items to flip — especially name brands.
  • Take care to keep track of how much was spent, and how much you plan to charge for your used items.
  • Keep careful records of how much you earned in order to file your taxes accurately. You can easily file online with H&R Block and find answers to common tax-time questions.

Start a Side Business

Car freshies finished

My daughter Taylor recently started a small hobby/side business making Care Freshies! Any craft or hobby can become a business if you have a good niche and you’re making something that people are excited to have.

Although you can make your own Care Freshies, they do require time and patience. Taylor saw a good opportunity to make something that not many people would want to make for themselves.

Again, H&R Block can help if you’re holding back on the idea of a side business just because you have questions on taxes. Our tip is to get expert advice when needed! 🙂

If you don’t have much capital for a product-based business, then you can opt to sell your services. You can offer online tutoring services on any subject of your choosing and place that offer on platforms such as Preply and Udemy

Side Hustle Jobs- Food Delivery

Within the last year, food delivery services have become more necessary than ever. People who can’t get out and shop due to social distancing and health issues continue to use food delivery often.

Food Delivery - Side hustle Job idea

The nice thing about making extra money with a food delivery service is that you can work around your hours if this is a second job, or if you’re in school/college full time. It’s ideal for someone who has a daytime job. We were able to sign up with a Food Delivery Service/App and work when it was best for our schedule– mainly evening hours.

Our best tips For Food Delivery Service Jobs:
  • Sign up with a company recommended by either friends or family.
  • Be aware that if you know someone who works with a food delivery service, they may have a referral link you can use to sign up.
  • Doing your taxes as an employee of a business is a familiar thing for most of us. However, if you’re a young adult and just starting out or this is the first time you’re doing taxes on your own, you can get lots of help with H&R Block Online.
  • Not to be repetitive, but our tip here is to keep track of your earnings as you go to make the tax filing process easier and faster.
Dog Sit

Dog Sit or Baby Sit

If you have flexible hours, dog sitting or baby sitting is a great way to earn extra money. You can find someone in need of a dog sitter or baby sitter through your church, through social media, or specific apps or websites.

Keep in mind that websites will probably have you go through a hiring process and possibly request references. In general, references are always good to have, both for yourself and the individual or family you’re working for!

You can also arrange to meet the pets (or the family) ahead of time to ensure it’s a good fit for everyone.

Use Rewards Apps

I’ve used money saving apps for years! These let you save on your grocery and non-food purchases by giving you a little money back through their app, on qualifying purchases.

The only downside with reward apps are that you do have to keep up with them! For example, if you have a reward app for your favorite store, you will probably use it often and see some cash back after a few weeks or months. If you have a Rewards App to somewhere you rarely frequent or for things you hardly ever buy, chances are it won’t really be worth your time.

Narrow down which kinds of apps you use by deciding which bring the best rewards or points, which are easy to keep up with, and which ones you will actually save money by doing. There are so many types of rewards apps out there! A lot of them involve scanning a receipt, and some just give points for walking into a store or making a certain amount of purchases in a given timeframe. See my post here for more on Rewards Apps!

Thanks for Reading About Ideas for Side Hustle Jobs!

I hope this post has been helpful in sparking your imagination on good ways to earn money! Be sure to use your own talents and interests where possible, and keep in mind if you need expert advice with the business side of things, you can always reach out for help!

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