Introducing New Puffs SoftPacks

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Puffs Softpack


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Puffs and I was compensated for my time in creating this post.

Puffs recently introduced a new packaging design called Puffs SoftPack, a first-of-its-kind design that conveniently helps Puffs fit into every aspect of your life. Puffs SoftPack stays presentable no matter where you stuff it, crush it, or carry it!  I love this because between me and my husband alone we go through ALOT of tissues. I keep a box of tissue in both my living room and my bedroom. I even keep a box in both of our cars. I guess you could say we probably fit in the “Family Functionality” category when it comes to tissues. I love the new soft packs because the don't crush and ben like traditional cardboard tissue boxes so they always look presentable. Plus the plastic packaging keeps the tissues from getting damp in case of a spill.

Whether it's season allergies or just a runny nose…….. where does Puffs SoftPack fit in your life?

· Travel buddy: Sick of packing away that cardboard tissue box that always ends up looking like it got into a fight? Puffs SoftPack fits into every carry-on bag without getting bent out of shape and stays tidy in the back seat of your car, helping to make travel woes go just a little more smoothly…..especially when you need a tissue, or a makeup touch up after a long flight (perfect for blending or correcting)!

· Fitness Fiend: Running back and forth from the gym (particularly as the summer weather turns cooler) can leave you wanting for nice tissues to take care of your face. Puffs SoftPack will fit in the bottom of your gym bag or locker, and never lose its shape so you can always have tissues neatly on hand.

· Family Functionality: Finally, a solution for that unsightly tissue box on your countertop, the box that won’t fit nicely in the kitchen drawer or your favorite diaper bag. SoftPack truly fits all your family’s needs…..especially when things get messy and your little ones are in need of a tissue!

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