Support Small Business Gift Guide

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Welcome to our first ever Support Small Business Gift Guide. This year with everything going , small businesses need our support NOW more than ever. Please take a look of some of our favorite small business ran by women below and please consider purchasing from them this holiday season.

Disclosure: Each person sent us something from their business to check out so that we could give our personal thoughts and recommendations.

Small Business Gift Guide

Shop From Our Easy to Customize Social Media Templates Today!

As a startup or small business owner you rarely have the time to make an endless amount of social media graphics from scratch. You need a fresh feed and you need it fast right?.

Stand out from the crowd with our unique and attractive social media template designs made with you in mind!

You could have the BEST of the BEST products and services, but if you're buried under an avalanche of graphics and you don’t stand out from the rest, how will anyone ever know?

Our templates can help transform your social media feed with a cohesive and unique look to set you apart from the rest. This will help you to:

  • Attract your audience
  • Grow your following
  • Drive Traffic
  • Increase your sales

My Thoughts: Need help to make your Small Business shine? I use these amazing social media templates from WhyNotMom Designs. She offers easy to edit Social Media templates through Canva that can be tailored to your business. She can also make printables that you can use for your business and her prices are very reasonable! Please consider her for our small business gift guide highlighted business.

SHOP NOW also check out her Holiday Bundles Here.


Check out all of theses awesome gifts for the home featured in our small business gift guide.



My career as a registered nurse had me feeling burned out and trapped in the medical field until I found these products that made my home smell amazing and changed my life with an incredible opportunity. As a safer alternative to candles, Scentsy offers warmers and wax instead of a traditional wicked candle. But wait, we don’t stop there! With product lines such as Laundry, Clean, Body, Diffusers, Essential oils, Kids, and our Unplugged products, there is something for everyone. Check us out and let us be your gift-giving headquarters for the holidays or a way to earn extra money to pay for it. 
Check out our Gift-Giving Guide online at and have Scentsy delivered right to your door. It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas at Southern Magnolia Scents, your Scentsy Independent Consultant!

CONTACT: Shonda Clayton Scentsy Independent Superstar Director Email 662.678.6396

My Thoughts: I'd love all of their cute Holiday warmers! They are so fun and festive and they have so many scents to choose from. I have both their large warmers and the smaller warmer to put in my guest bath. Did you know they also sell Holiday scented cleaners?


pampered chef

I grew up learning to cook with Pampered Chef products, so when I was looking for some extra income from home it seemed like the perfect fit! 3 years later it still is and even allows me to stay home with my family. I love the products and now teaching my kids to cook with them, but more importantly I love making mealtime easier for our busy family! Especially in these times where everyone is cooking from home more, our products are more valuable than ever before. And I love helping my hosts outfit their kitchens with everything on their wishlist at a discount because hosts never pay full price!

My thoughts: Both my husband and I are totally obsessed with Pampered Chef products and we have quite a bit in our home. When I found out their new stoneware was dishwasher safe, I was absolutely ecstatic and I quickly added them to my Holiday shopping list. There are so many things I want from their catalogue right now.




Tupperware makes a an amazing gift for the Holidays. More people are cooking at home, organizing their pantries and more. This year, give the gift of a home essential with a lifetime guarantee. SHOP NOW.


young living essential oils

Essentials Oils make great holiday gifts. Wether you are looking for a great smelling home or you are interested in making homemade products for personal use, make sure you are using essential oils that are 100% pure organic with no hidden chemicals. To learn more about why I chose Young Living Essential Oils and why I love them so much, CLICK HERE.

blue birch laser designs


What do you buy the person who has everything? Something custom that they can't get anywhere else! Blue Birch laser designs can engrave on wood, slate, and acrylic! We can design everything from business card holders to big signs! Ornaments, Coasters and Earrings oh my! Have an idea that you saw on Pinterest that you'd love to create? I'd love to collaborate with you! 


My thoughts: I have been looking for something like this online for awhile now so when I saw that Theresa one of our fans made these I knew I had to have one made. I absolutely love it and she did an amazing job. She can actually make all kinds of stuff so you should definitely check out her shop.


Hello, my name is Felina and I am a Norwex consultant. For the last few years I have been trying to eliminate toxins in my home and being more eco-friendly. Norwex has helped me accomplish both things because it allows me to use just water to clean and eliminate single use paper towels. The holiday season is a great opportunity to give a gift of clean that can be used year round!! 


My Thoughts: I absolutely love their face mitt! Before I was using a washrag and now I am making the switch. It feels great on my face and I feel like my face is cleaner. I also love their kitchen towels, They dry my dishes faster than a normal tea towel. I have also added a few things to my Holiday wishlist as well.



Holy Cow Creations is a small business that a mother and daughter started to use our love of crafting.  We can make many different items that are the perfect gift for yourself or to gift to others.  From custom T-shirts and car decals to home decor signs and one of a kind epoxy tumblers.  We work closely with our customers to create that perfect gift.


My thoughts (Princess Taylor) Holy Cow Creations has so many cute tumblers that you can personalize yourself. I gave her some ideas of what I wanted and she ran with it and did amazing! I am so in love with the quality of their product! 10/10 would recommend ordering from them!

Create It!

Gifts for Kids Cactus Ring Holder DIY Pottery

To Go Paint Kit – Cactus Ring Holder: If you’re looking for a creative gift idea, something that your child or teen can make his or her own, consider the To Go Crafting Kits from Create It!
There’s no need for a crafting class with these kits. All you need is included! Use the acrylic paints to create your own pottery creation, all at home. This is the perfect gift idea for 2020 since so many of us are looking for fun –and unique– ideas for kids and parents at home.

My Thoughts (Rebekah) We chose the cactus as our favorite since it serves a useful purpose as a ring holder, but it’s also so trendy and cute! If cactuses aren't your thing, you can choose from many more styles. $18. SHOP HERE.


Check out all of theses awesome gifts to keep you looking your best featured in our small business gift guide.

Tracy Sews


Here at Tracy’s Sew & Sew’s I enjoy custom embroidery projects.  In March I started making and donating masks with my Life Group from church. We donated masks to churches, doctors offices, nursing homes, animal rescues and loads of family and friends. This has led me to start my business which is truly my happy place .
Now, I am making custom embroidery items including masks, aprons, tea towels and personalized items such as bath towels, throws and more.
I find joy when I can make something special for someone you love . 


My thoughts: I am freaking in love with this lady! She makes some of the cutest stuff and everything I have received has been hand made with love. She makes awesome baking aprons, holiday tea towels and she even makes really nice face makes that are very comfortable to wear.


Lemongrass Spa -small business gift guide

Take a look at Lemongrass Spa Products!
The earth provides us with so many natural pampering elements to treat and protect our skin. Our products are handcrafted here in the USA using healthy ingredients that heal, condition and soothe.  We use nourishing butters, therapeutic essentials oils and vitamin rich botanical extracts in our products. You’ll love reading our product labels because you can recognize what’s on the ingredient list. We choose ingredients that are healthy and safe for you and your family!  We have products to treat you from head to toe, plus makeup too! You can have that luxury spa treatment at home! Take this time to take a look at our story and our products.  Take the time to make healthier choices for your family.  Take the time to love on yourself! Nothing is more important than that!

My thoughts: I have tried a few things over the years from Lemongrass Spa and I love their body sprays. I am usually very sensitive to smells but their body sprays are all natural and I love using them , the new Buttercream one smells delicious. I also recently got to try the new Peppermint lotion, and what can I say it's perfect for the Holidays. It smells so good and I am going to have to keep it away from Queen Mum cause she is going to try and steal it lol! There were so many of the items that I loved but these were my 2 favorites.


Lalita MattinglyTeam Leader, Lemongrass Spa Products 405-209-5932


color street nails

I am absolutely in love with Color Street Nails. N more spilling nail polish everywhere, or worrying about the kids or pets knocking over the bottle. I can now give myself a manicure at home for as slow as $13. HOLY COW! These make great gifts or stocking stuffers.



Thirty One

Hello, My name’s Anna and I sell Thirty-One!  Cute, simplistic bags, purses, totes, thermals, etc.  These make great Holiday Gifts and I'm ready to help organize you and your place! Take a look at our catalogue as we have a-lot of new items. Small business Gifts Guides are hot this year, will you support women owned businesses?


Contact: Anna Campbell at 918-833-2755

My Thoughts: I absolutely love Thirty One Bags. I use the Utility Tote to keep my Bible, Note pad, pins etc that i take to church. It would also be a great organizer for teachers because it has lots of pockets. I love how well made it is. I use the larger totes for traveling as well.



Tired of having lipstick on your masks? I have just the lipstick for you! LipSense by SeneGence Cosmetics! It’s a smudgeproof, budgeproof, KISSPROOF lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours ! I have been wearing LipSense for over 5 years now and it’s never let me down! I’m still amazed at how well it stays put! we also offer other cosmetics including eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, eyeliner, skincare, and many more! Message me for more info!

Contact: Megan Short SeneGence Cosmetics Distributor #202077 405-312-2876



mary kay brandy

Before starting my Mary Kay business, I was working as a commission-based cosmetologist at a salon. Although I enjoyed my job, I wanted more and was drawn to the philosophies of Mary Kay, but I thought I was too shy to be an Independent Beauty Consultant. I am much more positive and have hope for my future. I'm having fun, and I love knowing I have the opportunity to take care of my family. Although I enjoy the extra income and recognition, what I like best about my Mary Kay business is the fact that I can enrich the lives of others by sharing the same hope that I have for my future! What I'm looking for is individuals who want to enjoy a flexible lifestyle, earn extra income or to make a difference lives of others.


Taylors Thoughts: I love Mary Kays products! From makeup to body care they have everything you need! My personal favorites are their facial cleansers, charcoal masks and foundation/BB creams.


( still waiting for the business owner to send info)


Michelle Castleberry
Avon Independant Representative

My Thoughts: I have used Avon over the years but it's been awhile since I have purchased anything simply because I didn't know anyone who smells it. Their Bug spray is my absolute all time favorite product and it works.


Check out all of theses awesome gifts to keep your holiday festivities delicious, featured in our small business gift guide.


Shop Erika's Tea Room for Teas, Scones, and even Scone Subscription Gifts! These small baked treats are perfect for dessert or breakfast. Each scone from Erika's is 1 serving, but you may have to share! Scones are filling, and pair perfectly with one of Erika's Teas. Order by the dozen for shipping, and choose from flavors including Lemon Blueberry, Creme Brulee, White Chocolate Apricot, Cherry Almond, Orange Cranberry, and Thin Mint. Gluten free are available for an additional $4. For those non-coffee drinkers, choose one of the large variety of loose leaf teas from Erika's, or subscribe and save 10%. Prices vary. Right now, you can choose one of the seasonal blends like Candy Cane Rooibos, Pumpkin Spice Black Tea, or Snickerdoodle or Red Velvet Rooibios!



urbac wine -small business gift guide

I am Amy Urbach, and I work for a winery in Napa California.I offer in-home wine tastings, virtual winetasting’s, wine clubs, and personalized/logo wines. Our wines are made in Napa at our winery by our wine maker from Bordeaux France. Who sources grapes and juices from all over the world are shipped directly from California straight to your door!

  • Small batch artisan style wines.
  • No added sugars.
  • No added colors 
  • No added flavorings 

I also offer wine consultations, to help you pick out the perfect wine for you based on your taste. I am also passionate about blended families as my husband and I are one and have been married for 13 years. We have five kiddos and two grandbabies. I’m looking forward to spending time with you this next week! 



coonhound hollow gluten free mixes -small business gift guide

We have spices and teas for what ever your hound trees!We buy fresh organic and kosher spice to make our spice blends no msg no junk no gluten just pure spices. We also offer gluten free mixes that are not made with nut flours or any food additives. If you are looking for keto and salt free seasonings we've got you covered there too.


My Thoughts: I've known Julie for a really long time. She is a cancer survivor and I love that she has kicked cancers butt and started her own business. Daniel aka Consumer King loves her spices. As a man who grills and uses his smoker a lot he loves to try new mixes and I love knowing that her spices do not have any of that added junk in it.

Thank you for checking out our small business gift guide. I recommend getting all your orders by Dec4th in order to have your product back by Christmas. Check with each consultant to find out their Holiday shipping time.

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