DIY Chip Clips from Old Hangers

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DIY Chip Clips

With two teenagers in my house, I am constantly losing chip clips so I don't want to keep wasting money buying them. Of course if you buy the cheap ones they don't last either. I also keep finding an abundance of hangers in my home, I have no idea if they are magically reproducing in my laundry room or what lol! Do you find that you have these same problems as well? Well, today I've got a super cool idea to share with you. DIY Chip Clips from Old Hangers.

All you do is take a pair of REALLY STRONG scissors and cut the 2 ends of pant/skirt hangers and viola! Just make sure you don't have any sharp edges. I throw these in my drawer for any packaged items I want to keep fresh! I hope these DIY Chip Clips will become a fun useful project for you and your family. What other items in your home have you found other uses for?

DIY Chip Clips

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  1. I use binder clips. They come in all sizes and easy to use for all types of packages. Plus if they get dirty, easy to wash.

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