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See how you can contribute to Disabled American Veterans while you shop online!

Spreading the Word on the DAV Spare Change Program

During the Christmas season and of course afterwards– during those after-holidays sales– we do the majority of our shopping online.

This year especially, consumers like you and me have focused on online shopping since we are trying to distance from those holiday crowds!

Although Christmas is officially now over for 2020, you can expect a lot of deals coming up on those after-holiday sales. You can get some great deals this time of year… Retailers are getting rid of holiday stock and moving on to the next year’s merchandise. That can spell big savings for shoppers.


While you’re out getting those savings on things you need, you can actually donate and pay it forward by rounding up your change and donating to the DAV! See how!

“Rounding Up” While Online Shopping

With the DAV Spare Change Program, you might barely even notice the donation amount at all. Basically you are just rounding up to the next dollar. You can head over to the DAV Spare Change Program page to find out more. Since we aim to focus on giving during the Christmas season, this program is an easy way to help others. It's also a great idea for “socially distanced” giving, since some traditional options for being a help to others and volunteering may not be feasible to your family this season.

Enrolling in the Spare Change Program is open to anyone! Follow these easy steps to get started.

  1. ENROLL. Enroll in the program online. Link a credit or debit card you use for daily purchases.
  2. SHOP. Use your card for holiday or everyday purchases, online shopping for the most wanted toys for your kids or grandkids, or a new wreath for the front door. In other words, spend like you normally would.
  3. HELP VETERANS. Every purchase made on your card will automatically round up to the nearest dollar and your spare change is donated directly to DAV to give hope to veterans!
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So, whether you’re shopping online from computer, phone or just at the checkout, you can round up easily to donate!

Note to anyone interested in enrolling: As with all sites that deal with personal info and credit cards, be sure you have the accurate web address. The DAV Spare Change Program can be found at sparechangeforvets.org and you can view the fine print by scrolling down to ensure you’re on the correct secure site.

Why Support DAV?

We have several former military personnel in our family, and many friends and church members who have served our country. Its my honor to be able to contribute in small ways and hopefully raise awareness on programs that can help veterans and their families who may be in need.

I hope you have a wonderful week and have been able to celebrate Christmas with loved ones, even if it has looked different this year! Happy 2021 to my readers!

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