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Finally a bassinet that allows you to co-sleep safely

HALO Innovations is a company dedicated to putting the health, safety and well-being of babies first. Most of you will know HALO for its SleepSack Wearable blanket and its SleepSack Swaddles, which are now used in over 1,250 hospital nurseries around the United States. This summer, HALO launched its very own baby bassinet, designed for those who want to sleep close to baby, safely.

The new HALO BassinestTM Swivel Sleeper is the only infant bassinet that moves to bring baby to you. Now your little one can sleep as close to you as you want – even right next to you in bed – and still sleep safely in his own separate space. And the more it moves, the less you have to – which makes taking care of baby throughout the night a lot easier. The HALO Bassinest Premiere Series features two fabric designs and new to 2015 is the Bassinest Essentia Series.

HALO Bassinest 3 new designs2015

New parents are tired and often confused by conflicting advice to keep their babies close for bonding and breastfeeding while trying to balance safe to sleep practices. The HALO Bassinest comes to the rescue offering a safe sleeping environment for baby as well as the ability to sleep close.

A dual swivel motion allows the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper to rotate 360 degrees. Which means baby can be pulled right next to you in bed, and makes it easy to get in and out of bed – no need to scoot to the end of the bed, which is especially difficult for mothers recovering from a c-section.

HALO Bassinest

Breastfeeding is also supported by the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. With its patented retractable wall, baby can easily be lifted out of the Bassinest to the breast for nighttime feedings without having to get out of bed.

Here's a video of the HALO Bassinest Premiere Series in action:

YouTube video


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