Aldi Deals 2/4 – 2/10

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New to Aldi?

  1. Aldi does not accept coupons.
  2. You’ll need a quarter to get a shopping cart but you’ll get it back when the cart is returned.
  3. Be sure and bring recycle bags for your groceries.
  4. Aldi mainly carries their own brands but does have a few national brand items.
  5. Aldi produce prices are usually the best anywhere.
  6. I’ve tried many of the Aldi brand items and they are for the most part just as good or better than the national brand.
  7. How does Aldi sell their products so cheap? Check out our post: The “Truths” About Aldi

Aldi now participates in ShopKick! If you're not sure what ShopKick is you can read about it here. You can also save big on Aldi's already low prices with produce rebates from Checkout51 and Snap!

Below are deals from the Oklahoma area. To see the special purchase and grocery items for your area CLICK this link. Just enter your zip to find the ad for your location :)

Here are the Aldi deals for this week!

Oklahoma produce picks:

aldi_produce - Copy

Under a buck items in-store national ad:

  • Fit & Active nonfat yogurt red velvet cake or key lime pie 6-oz. 39¢
  • Fit & Active tomato or chicken noodle soup 10.5 oz. 79¢
  • Chef's Cupboard chicken & rice or chicken with stars soup 10.5 oz. 79¢
  • Chef's Cupboard cream or potato, broccoli or cheddar cheese soup 10.75 oz. 79¢
  • Dakota's pride split green peas 16-oz. 79¢
  • Happy harvest fire roasted diced tomatoes 14.5 oz. 89¢
  • Benton's original fig bars 14-oz. 89¢
  • Kirkwood fresh whole chicken 95¢/lb. – great price!!
  • Happy Harvest whole peeled tomatoes 28-oz. 99¢
  • Uncle Ben's country inn rice 6-oz. 99¢
  • Reggano fettuccine or linguine 16-oz. 99¢
  • Chef's Cupboard beefy onion soup mix 2.2-oz. 99¢

Oklahoma Ad – will contain the above items and these:

  • Casa Mamita diced tomatoes and green chilies 10-oz. 59¢
  • Dakota's Pride black beans 15.5 oz. 59¢
  • Brookdale Sloppy Joe sauce 15-oz.79¢
  • Savoritz oyster crackers 10-oz. 89¢
  • Baker's Corner graham cracker pie crust 6-oz. 95¢
  • Reggano farlalle or tri-color rotini 12-oz. 99¢

Wednesday meat special:

  • fresh chicken breasts family pack (5-lb. average wt. ) $1.79/lb.
  • Catttlemen's Ranch fresh fillet of beef – original or teriyaki 14-oz. $5.99

Hot item of the week:

  • reading glasses assortment $2.99
  • Crofton stainless steel utensils $1.99 each

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