Summer Fun Activities for Oklahoma with Shape Your Future

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School is almost out and Summer is almost here. That means yours kids are going to needs lots of things to do.  My goal this Summer is to keep my kids off the computer and get them active, and so I have already been on activity duty and planning out my calendar. Sometimes I really think planning is the key, if you know whats going on in your area and you plan ahead, then keeping yours kids active is not really hard, and trust me, if you keep your “Calendar of Fun” on the wall, your kids won't let you forget about it!

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I have talked about my fun as a kid with The Royal Grandma many times on the blog as well as her destination unknown activity. If you have missed that my grandmother would call all the grand kids on the fun and yell “Destination Unknown' in the phone. At that moment we knew we were in for some fun and grandma was coming to pick us up. We never knew where we were going unless she asked us to bring a swim suit. It might be a fun tradition to start with your own family. Make it a goal to get your kids outside for at least 60 minutes every day. It could be as simple as riding bikes, flying a kite, playing frisbee, spending time at the pool or taking the dogs for a walk. However if you want to get adventurous there is plenty of fun things to do in Oklahoma.

  • The Oklahoma City Zoo – Great for walking and getting a view of the animals. You would be surprised how much exercise you get and not even know it.
  • The Oklahoma Science Museum – Has tons of fun for your kids, to climb , jump , learn and explore.
  • Turner falls – Swimming is a great activity , especially in the natural falls of Turner Falls.
  • Martin Nature Park – Has a ton of walking trails to explore and you can feed the fish and turtles and best of all it's free.

Boggy Creek Ryan

There are so many things to do in Oklahoma and these are just some of my favorites. I'd love for you to share some of your favorite Oklahoma Destinations with us.

Don't forget that Summer is also the perfect time to teach your kids about eating healthy while they are home.  Your local farmers market is perfect for that, Your kids will get to try some locally grown fruits and veggies and you will get to support local farmers as well. If you want to find a local Farmers Market near you click here.

Shape Your Future 2015 Summer Challenge

The 2015 Shape Your Future Physical Activity Month: Summer Challenge will begin May 1st and extend through August 1st. The challenge will launch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win two different prizes for completing one of the ten listed “challenges” that can be found on all Shape Your Future social platforms and website. Challenges may include:

  • Visits to the Tulsa Zoo!
  • Water Balloon Fights!
  • Bike rides!
  • Create your own challenge!

Many summer fun activities to stay active, share with your family and friends, and win prizes!

For the official rules, how to enter and more healthy ways to stay active this summer, visit and be on the lookout for the Shape Your Future Summer Challenge coming in May 2015!

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