Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas -Warm Aesthetics

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There’s something dreamy and warm about log cabins that makes one forget about stresses and relax. The earthy rustic style, the sound of a crackling fire, and the ambience to crave for are all essential parts of log cabin interiors. We hope you like these Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas.

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If you own a cabin with a nice backyard and a garden, make it your weekend getaway destination with a few small interior design ideas. Modern yet authentic décor can make a rustic log cabin the perfect place to push back all your worries and relax. Below are simple ideas to decorate your cabin.

You’d be surprised to know how a functional firepit, choice of furniture, or small swim spas can upgrade your log cabin. Log walls may be one of those decorative elements that are more difficult to work around. However, you can still make it a modern cabin atmosphere with a few upgrades and a lighter, modern color scheme.

log cabin interior design ideas

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Log Cabin and Aesthetics – Select a Warm Furniture

The interior of the cabin is supposed to give you warmth and peace. So, warm furniture with a rustic look is certainly a popular option. For added interest, select bright colors to accent the furniture. One common mistake is to keep everything in neutral or brown tones. You can add light colors by choosing white or lighter textiles. This includes pillows, curtains, cushions and rugs. Balance the wooden floors with natural elements like potted plants. Ivy, ferns, and even evergreen accents are great for balancing color. A great option to balance high ceilings and larger chandeliers (like those antler chandeliers?) is choosing larger furniture. Keep the colors neutral and avoid keeping everything the same tone of brown as your wood walls or hardwood floors. Variations will create more depth!

Furniture should be comfortable and match the rustic vibe of the place. Something like traditional wooden furniture paired with soft cushions and sheets. Natural materials like canvas and leather are common. But balance these with softer elements. Apart from that, the best way to bring warmth is the firepit. These days, even electric fire pits are decent enough to go with the decor. Or you can always prefer the traditional one.

The Color Pallet

What are the three things that define the log cabin? Wood. Wool. And Stones. These three are base design inspirations in most log cabins. The color palette for the log cabin can be made of pale shades, and too many color combinations can make the room look overly decorated. Keep interior ideas simple and accent the hardwood flooring with neutral, lighter colors.

If you love color, don’t feel like everything needs to be black and white, shades of brown, or stark white walls. You can certainly place some plants here and there and add colorful accents to create interest. But avoid bright colored curtains or anything too bold if you’re planning décor for a larger “great room”, which most log cabins are designed with. Log homes have a lot of texture already, so adding tons of furniture, colors and alternating patterns can make a living room look very busy!

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Indoor Spa and Outdoor Swimming Pools for Cozy Cabins

A log cabin is a place you can feel peaceful and happy. What addition would be better than a nice swimming pool or an indoor spa? Small swim spas are becoming more popular. Not only is it a nice touch to the cabin interior but also a healthy retreat. You can either install the spa inside your cabin or in a covered area outdoors.

Porches and elevations are preferred. If indoor, choose a place with windows overlooking the mesmerizing view. Or you can fit the pool in the back garden where you can relax with a glass of wine.

Patio and Outdoor Furniture

The best thing about a log cabin is – every part of the house has a unique vibe. For example, set up the patio with seating areas to enjoy the fresh air and refreshments with loved ones. A great way to expand smaller porch areas is by selecting smaller scale furniture and setting up more than one seating area. While decorating the cabin, don’t forget to give a few creative touches to the patio. A simple wooden sofa or armchairs, maybe an outdoor hot tub, or even a mini patio bar double your cabin space by creating outdoor entertainment areas. You may notice, Interior designers often pay close attention to outdoor areas. They aren’t an afterthought.

If you’re going for very rustic, a barrel bar and nice comfortable chairs to put on the patio is one design option to research. For a modern log cabin, add simple lines and lighter colors. Hanging string lights gives a rustic but nostalgic feel. No matter how rustic, creating a functional outdoor area can really expand the size of a small cabin. For a small log cabin, just one simple porch swing or simple outdoor furniture that can be covered when not in use might be a better option.

Vintage Lounge Area

If you’re wondering what to do with interior spaces and don’t have many interior walls to work with — most log cabins have larger open spaces– setting aside a lounge area in part of the space can create a separation from the main living space. Consider a lounge area in corners with less foot traffic. Using lofts and stairways to frame your lounge space can jaw-dropping experience. You can apply a lot of creativity here! For example, comfortable brown recliners to match the wooden interior. A couple of chairs and a tea table big enough to board games is ideal.

Add a beautiful warm rug and bean bags are nice touches too. If you have a big lounge, you can always dedicate a corner for a bar or a play area. Modern log cabins often offer more than one stone fireplace. If you have a architectural detail such as a fireplace, large window with natural light, or loft with a vaulted ceiling, any of these would create a designer look lounging space!

Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas – Keeping Furniture and Lighting Updated

Since most cabins are used as vacation homes, whether you stay there exclusively as a family or rent it out through Airbnb or other services, one essential to think about is useful and comfortable furniture. Bunk beds are one easy way to get more sleeping area in, especially if the cabin features only one or two bedrooms. Consider double bunk beds in a second or third bedroom. For light fixtures and lamps, save space by attaching reading lamps to walls or have overhead lighting fixtures. Either will save space. When designing around warm colors of a traditional log cabin, lighting takes an important role! Having plenty of lighting and natural light is essential to modern log cabin style.

Entry way - ideas for home decor

Have you stayed in a log cabin that was a little too rustic? One with old furniture and different styles mixed together– like a hodgepodge of rustic décor? Avoid this by investing in quality furniture. Furniture can have natural looks and different patterns without looking completely outdated! Be careful to keep your log cabin look true to its design, yet updated and current for the most aesthetic appeal. You can find log cabin ideas for furniture, decorative features, and other important things by researching professional interior design ideas. There are some great example homes online you can use to inspire you.

Final Words

Ready to decorate your cabin? Time to grab a cup of coffee and outline your design plan. You can always search for more inspiration. Meanwhile, scroll through Watson’s Online Furniture Store for your cabin’s interior. You’ll find everything in one place. Make a list of things you need and ideas you are going to want to include. The next thing you know, your dream log cabin can become a reality!

I hope this log cabin interior design ideas post inspires you to create an excellent log cabin with a modern take on the classic rustic cabin look.

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