Top 5 Reasons to Install Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home

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Did you know that high-quality air conditioning can reduce the risks of asthma attacks and heat strokes? Besides the obvious and most attractive proposition of comfort, air-conditioning also carries a host of other benefits. Ducted air conditioning, however, goes a step beyond in setting new benchmarks. If you still have thought about Ducted Air Conditioning installation, check out our top 5 reason you should.

Duct Air Conditioning

Here's a listicle with the top five reasons why you should install this in your home.

1. Ensures Better Climate Controls

Ducts allow enhanced airflow to all nooks and corners of the house. This fosters easier temperature management in individual areas like the living room and bedroom. Unlike window or wall installations, ducted systems let you turn the controls off in vacant areas without hampering the temperature settings in occupied areas. This is one of the most remarkable features which not only helps save power but also ensures peace of mind. 

2. Promotes Tranquillity 

No one likes consistent hubbub in their house, especially when trying to work or meditate. With traditional air-conditioning, we have to barter quietude with comfort. In contrast to this, ducted installations are extremely silent, because the electronic unit is not installed within the rooms. The compressor systems work outside the walls and all that walks in through the ducts is pure cool air. 

3. Proves to Be Economical 

Multiple air-conditioning units for individual rooms generally lead to high power bills. In fact, air conditioners are some of the highest power-consuming electronics commonly found in a household.

Ducted systems are significantly cost-effective because of individual climate control or zoning. Turn off the cooling where you do not want it through one, centralized system and voila! Besides this, it is easier and hence, inexpensive to service one unit rather than many, so you save on regular maintenance costs.

4. Saves Space

Wall air conditioning hampers the aesthetic sense of the room. Let's be honest, if they were not necessary, no one would want big plastic containers hanging from their walls and windows. 

Practically invisible, ducted air conditioning systems allow you to plan house interiors any way you like! When all that it takes is just a few vents, there is no question of wasted space.

5. Offers a Robust Performance 

Ducted systems are far more powerful than their traditional counterparts. It takes significantly less time to cool down the entire house because all that is needed, is distribution and redirection of air through ducts. This also saves time and energy for you, because no longer is it needed to turn on individual air conditioner units in the entire house – a centralised remote system lets you control all of it! What’s more, the system can warm up your house equally fast in winters.

remote control air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning exceeds wall and window air types in efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness. They are feature-rich and low-maintenance, so you do not have to spend more on additional installations. 

With multiple zoning options and models to choose from, ducted ACs can suit every need. To figure out which one aligns the best with your requirements, you should consult a reputable air conditioning company for  Ducted Air Conditioning installation.

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