4 Ways to Create an Unforgettable Couple Costume for Halloween

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Halloween is a beloved holiday for many reasons. As kids, we enjoyed the buckets of free candy and the chance to dress up in fun costumes. As adults, we enjoy many of the same things, though some of us add boozy revelry at Halloween parties and couple costumes with our significant other to our checklist each October 31.

Couples Halloween costume

Whether you dive right into the scary side of Halloween or prefer to take a funny or sexy approach to your costume choices, there are many ways to create the perfect Halloween couple costumes. With affordable prices and an inventory of selections, the choices for couples' costumes are endless for you and your partner.

Here are four different strategies you can take as you plan the couple costume to end all couple costumes this October.

1. Luxury

Looking to take your Halloween couples' costume up a notch this year? Splurge a little and create a truly luxurious look for you and your better half that will make you feel like royalty. If you want to put a spooky spin on some royal garb, consider a queen (and king) of hearts combo complete with the iconic makeup, crowns, and scepters. Another option is to keep it classic with a prince and princess/king and queen costume pairing or even a Greek god and goddess ensemble.

2. Funny

Some couples like to lean into their cute and quirky side on Halloween with funny costumes that are sure to give all their friends a good laugh. Additionally, many of the best funny costumes are relatively easy to put together. Indeed, you can’t go wrong with some classic food pairings when it comes to your couple's costume, like peanut butter and jelly or ketchup and mustard. Puns also make for very amusing couple costumes — with one of you wearing all green and the other sporting the word “Envy” on their shirt, you can be “green with envy!”

3. Scary

Sometimes it’s best to get back to the basics of what makes Halloween great — the scares. There are many ways to give your fellow partygoers a good fright this Halloween with your couple's costume. For instance, the Georgie and Pennywise pairing from “It” is a classic choice. But you could also go even more old-school by dressing up as Chucky and the bride of Chucky, or Frankenstein’s monster and the bride of Frankenstein.

4. DIY

Want to keep your budget low this season? Or do you simply enjoy the act of getting creative and making your own costumes? Then a DIY approach may be perfect for you and your boo. Luckily, so many incredible DIY Halloween couple costume options only require a few key elements. 

For example, to dress up as Johnny Castle and Baby from “Dirty Dancing,” all you’ll really need is a light pink dress and some teased hair for her and an all-black ensemble for him. Another great option is the iconic duo Barbie and Ken. Just pick out some bleached blonde wigs and all-pink outfits all you'll be good to go.

Impress with a Show-Stopping Couple Costume This Halloween

From the funny to the scary to the truly iconic, there are many different directions to go with your couple's costume this Halloween. Whether you go all out with a professionally designed costume or take the DIY approach, make sure you and your boo rock this holiday in style. Happy Halloween!

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