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5 Mother’s Day Crafts & Gifts Kids Can Make!

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See these fun Mother's Day Crafts! Mother's Day is just around the corner and here's 5 easy craft ideas for kid's to make for that special someone in their life!

Mother's Day Crafts for kids

These would also make great school or troop projects as well as gifts for grandma too!


Breakfast in Bed: 

Yes, breakfast in bed can be counted as a gift, especially if it is prepared for and served to a busy mom who usually spends all of her time caring for her family.

Toast, cereal, and juice is an easy breakfast for kids to prepare, though young children may need a little help from Dad. Older kids may want to prepare a more complicated breakfast, such as pancakes or French toast. Once Mom has eaten her fill, have the kids take the dishes away and give Mom the additional gift of a post-breakfast nap. These easy 3 ingredient Muffin Mix Pancakes make an easy breakfast the kids can whip up!


Decorative Frame: 

A photo frame is an easy gift for kids to make for Mom. Kids can make cute picture frames out of Popsicle sticks, craft foam, or a cheapy frame and crayons. If the kids choose to use Popsicle sticks or foam, they can use paint, buttons, ribbons, foam shapes or other accents to decorate the frame. Once it’s ready for use, the creator can add a photo of himself or herself to make it complete.


No-Sew Fleece Blanket:

A cozy fleece blanket can keep Mom comfortable all year round and makes a great idea for older kids or teens who are looking for Mother's Day Crafts. She’ll snuggle under it on cool spring nights, when the air conditioning in the house feels a little to cool in the summer, and when fall and winter weather hits. Just pick up a bit of fleece fabric in a pattern or color Mom will appreciate, grab a pair of scissors and get busy creating this easy blanket. There is no sewing required; all it takes is some cutting and tying of knots. Smaller children may need some help with the cutting and some guidance when it comes to the tying. You could also try making a photo blanket.


Homemade Coasters:

Mom will love a set of homemade coasters for resting her coffee cups without damaging the furniture. Children can make homemade coasters out of pretty paper napkins, ceramic tiles, and Mod Podge.

They can even make unique coasters using inexpensive white tiles, their own artwork, and Mod Podge. Make a set for Mom and one for Grandma too.

Homemade Flower Bouquet Mother's Day Crafts:

Though Mom might love getting a bouquet of fresh flowers for Mother’s Day, if you prefer to do flowers that will last longer, you can do a Homemade Flower Bouquet! This year, the kids can make sure the beauty lasts by crafting a bouquet of spring flowers out of paper, cardboard, crayons, and glue. This gift is an easy choice for smaller children. Have them add a pretty ribbon as a finishing touch.

Younger kids can also make mom a fun Butterfly Craft or Ladybug Craft instead of a card.

(Thanks Detroit Mommies for all these great ideas!- Original post)

Updated 5/6/21

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