All about that Breast……..

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OK I know what you are thinking… WHAT!!!!! The Consumer Queen has gone off her rocker and talking about breasts on her blog. It's not what you think. I just had to share this video by musician Laurie Burke and her take on breastfeeding with her new parody ” All about that Breast”. It made me laugh.  You see I was totally able to breastfeed with my daughter but when my son came along it was a different story. I won't go into all the complications that I had but I can tell you how emotional it was for me to hear even the nurse tell me that I was going to have to stop. This video reminded me that I was able to do what I could with my daughter and that even the 3 -4 months I was able to breastfeed my son was a great start.

All about the Breast

I love that it also shows breastfeeding is a good thing and that you shouldn't be ashamed. This not to put down anyone who formula feeds as we all know there are different reasons and I know from first hand but I love that it's a funny way of educating people about breastfeeding and I hope you all will enjoy it! You can read more about her in her interview.

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