The Consumer Queen Diaries: The Twilight Zone

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I recently found my old blog from 2008 where I did more a Diary. I had completely forgotten all about it. As I sat and read my entries, I just died laughing as I had forgotten about some of the memories that I had written about. I couldn't believe I hadn't moved them over to the new blog. I have decided to start moving them over and sharing them with you guys, mainly so I can keep a hold of the memories for myself as well. Today's story is called ” The Twilight Zone”.

consumer queen diaries: the twilight zone

The Consumer Queen Diaries: The Twilight Zone { Entry Date July 23, 2008}

We went to pick out a refrigerator and out of the blue my 8 year old starts crying. I’m like what’s wrong? He says to me.. “Mom I don’t want to give up our old refrigerator, I’m attached to it!” I’m like are you kidding me, its a refrigerator LOL! After some talking and walking around the store we found out it was because he thought the new one didn't have water in the door (water spout is on the inside). So all is well in that category. Someone bought our old refrigerator today and holy cow I never knew that much stuff could fit under the refrigerator. Hot wheels, money, spoons, magnets, hockey pucks you name it. It was like a treasure trove for oompa loopas LOL.

consumer queen diaries: the twilight zone

Then Last night my 11 year old is playing with Simba our cat and she is like “Mom what is this?”. I open my hand up and she drops something weird in it. I pause… look at it… and oh my gosh, it’s the cats boob!! Yes you heard that right, the cats boob! ROFL!! It fell off! I was teasing her, asking her why she pulled the cat's boob off.  I think I hurt her feelings though and had to tell her I was just kidding! Then I ran to my hubby and said look at this, he was like what is it, and I was like, it's the cats boob. He just gave me the oddest look and started cracking up laughing, he thought I was kidding.

So now what do I do ? Do I worry? He looks fine, nothing is bleeding, so I guess he is ok. I have heard of them losing there claws but not their boobs?

Well, as you can see there is always something exciting going on in the house, we are definitely never bored.

I finally got my husband to sign up for my website and start posting. I think it will be a good outlet for him.That now makes a total of 7700 ladies and 3 guys LOL!!! Hey what’s wrong with guys wanting to save money too?  They're a hoot and they keep the site fun and best of all, I know at least 2 are Christians!! My next goal is to get him posting here on my blog.

Well that's all for tonight folks. I could write more but I can tell Daniel is getting tired so until tomorrow!

( by the way the cat ended up being fine)


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