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It’s a Slow Fade – People Never Crumble in a Day

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Sometimes we get in a rut and we get so busy that life passes us by. Sometimes we are even oblivious to some of things we do. I saw this video and though it talks about a specific sin if you really listen to the words it really applies to everything we do. Our daily life. It made me stop and think, slow down, reevaluate the things I am doing.

God has done so many amazing things in my life and even though I try hard to thank him with my “actions” as a human being I know I slip and let worldly things get in the way. I go to church Sunday mornings and Sunday nights, most of the time Wednesday nights too. I pray every day and I try to be a good example. But my life has become so crazy that I haven’t had time to read my Bible. So whats next? What will I become to busy for without even realizing it? This is what I mean by “slow Fade”.

It's a Slow Fade

We often pray to God and ask him to help us yet we give him nothing. We want him to take care of us yet we can’t even give him his one day out of an entire week. Then we wonder why our life is falling apart, why he doesn’t answer. Even as parents are children are watching us, seeing the decisions we make (We will even have to answer to God one day for not leading them). As a child my grandmother (The Royal Grandma) and my mother never gave me a chance to say I didn’t want to go to church, it was just expected of me. At the time I didn’t even think anything of it. Now I look back and I so GRATEFUL that my family did that. It was even an automatic pray before you eat. My Grandmother was the biggest influence in my life, she even would drive with one hand down the road and hold up a big poster board with verses on them and we would have the whole summer to memorize them and then she would give us some big prize if we did. (Thank you grandma for being an influence in my life) Do I do this with my kids now? Sadly no. What’s my excuse? I’ll be honest, I’m too busy. Did that come out of my mouth? It sure did. I am just trying to be completely open as I know we all struggle with our daily walk and we are all on different levels. I am doing what I can and I am making a better effort.

Is your life in a rut? Maybe it’s just in a “Slow Fade”.Are you asking God for mercy and grace yet turning your face away when it’s time to give back to him?

They have eyes but they do not see, they have ears but they do not hear !
(Mark 8:18 – Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember ? KJV)

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  1. I do love that song.
    I learned in a bible study an acrynim for BUSY. Being Under Satan’s Yolk….
    Every time I say I’m busy, I think about weather what I’m doing is bringing glory to God or satisfying Satan’s attempt to push me farther away from God.

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