How Many Halloween Movies Are There?Movie Facts & More!

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How many of you grew up watching Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis? This was a must watch every year at Halloween. I absolutely love this John Carpenter classic. But did you know that there are 11 total films! Plus 2 more that are scheduled to be released in a couple of years. How many can you say you have seen? Let’s take a closer look at the Halloween movie franchise.



So to get things started, there are 11 movies in the Halloween franchise. There are 2 more movies in the this franchise that are scheduled to be released. Halloween Kills in 2021 and Halloween Ends in 2022. Of course those dates can change if there is any delays in production or filming.

Here is a list of the Halloween Movies:


Did you know that Michael Meyers wasn’t in Halloween III: Season of the Witch? Hence the name of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers. In this movie we learn where Michael has been the last ten years. He picks up where he left off wrecking havoc in Haddonfield.


Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers picks up right where Halloween 4 left off. Of course we learn that Michael has survived certain death again. We are also introduced to the stranger dressed in all black. You can notice the black boots of the stranger throughout the film. So keep your eye open for them!

Random Facts:

John Carpenter composed the music for the 1st 3 films. Crazy thing is John Carpenter stated in an interview, “I can play just about any keyboard, but I can’t read or write a note.”! How crazy is that! Now he did have help from composer Dan Wyman. But the main theme is all John Carpenter.

The famous Michael Myers mask was a cheap, $1 mask of Captain Kirk from Star Trek. They took off its eyebrows and sideburns. Stretched it out and painted it white.

The budget of the 1st Halloween film was small. It was because of the budget that the film has an overall dark appearance. They couldn’t afford more lights! Jamie Lee Curtis was also only paid $8000 for her role as Laurie Strode. This was her 1st acting gig! Not a bad start


The original script was titled “The Babysitter Murders”. It had the events take place over the space of several days. They changed it to a single night so they could eliminate/limit costume changes and extra locations. They decided it should take place on the scariest night of the year, Halloween.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your blanket and some popcorn. Or you can make some of our Monster Munch and have a Halloween watch party! Make sure you lock the doors 1st! And remember… there are more Halloween Movies than the original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis. So make sure you catch them all!

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