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Sweet and Sour Sauce

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sweet and sour sauce

One of the first real recipes I made was for sweet and sour chicken. I had just gotten a new recipe book as a wedding present so I gave it a try. I didn't know you could actually make sweet and sour sauce at home! I thought it either came from a Chinese restaurant or from a bottle. I was so excited after I made it because it actually turned out! I even took a picture(this was before digital cameras so it's kind of a big deal! lol)

Now I make sweet and sour sauce frequently. I'm always trying different recipes and I have to admit, this one is great. It's great for just dipping or a sauce. I added some green peppers, fresh pineapple and cooked chicken then served it over rice. It was a great dinner, actually it was really reallygood. I got some major “yums!” from the husband!



*This recipe can easily be made gluten free, just make sure you are using gluten free soy sauce!

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