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5 Tips for a Juicy Turkey

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1. Butter it up: Rubbing butter under the skin will help baste and keep in flavor while the turkey is roasting

2. Show it off: Opposite of what you might think..don't cover your bird while roasting. When you cover it it steams the meat and makes the fibers tough.

3.On the flip side: Cook the turkey with the breast side down for at least the first half. This way the breast is getting more of the juices.

4. No Poking:  Resist the urge to slice it open to see if it's ready. Piercing the meat will release juices. If you need to flip it over do it without piercing it.

5. Patience is Key: After the turkey is done let it rest outside of the oven for at least 30 minutes before carving it. Put foil over it to keep it hot. This way the juices get to settle in and prevent them from escaping when it's sliced.


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