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Mini Smores!

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Our family recently built this fire pit. I absolutely love it! The first night I used it I was so excited to let the kids make smores and eat them. They took one bite and the marshmallow squished out the sides into their hands. Melted chocolate oozed on to their faces and what wasn't covered in chocolate was covered in sticky marshmallow. They loved it, but Mommy wasn't as amused as they were!

So I came up with this compromise. Mini Smores! Same great taste with minimal marshmallow face!

I found these mini graham crackers that work perfect! Put one mini marshmallow on one cracker and 2 chocolate chips on the other. I put them in the oven for few minutes at 250 degrees. Let cool for a minute and then stack them together.

I also made some in the microwave. Cook for 30 seconds and then let cool for at least 30 seconds.

That's it. Mini Smores. Perfect for mini hands!

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