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Buffalo Chicken Wraps

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Buffalo Chicken Wraps are a great make-ahead lunch idea, or a way to use up leftover cooked chicken! Take a look at this easy recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

I love making up an easy wrap for a lunch. If we are busy running errands or it's just one of those busier seasons of the year, it's easy to totally delay lunch until we are starving! Of course, that leads to either eating junk food at home, skipping it all together, or grabbing fast food. None of those options are necessarily good ideas! 🙂

So, having a few lunches made up ahead of time in the fridge can help me with those hectic days, and also provide us something healthy to eat that won't take forever to put together.

This is a perfect wrap for a light summer dinner or lunch. It's the perfect combination of creamy ranch with a kick of spice!

How to Make:

First, you will need cooked skinless, boneless chicken breast. Honestly for this recipe, I try to use leftover cooked chicken.

I will often throw an extra chicken breast in along with a dinner, if I am cooking a Crock Pot Meal. Or, if you're baking chicken, add an extra to use for lunches like this. It takes zero more effort!

For this one, you can dice the chicken, or cook the entire chicken breast and shred up after it's cooked.

Raw diced chicken

Add Flavor to Your Chicken Wraps:

After your chicken is cooked, you will add your hot sauce and ranch dressing.

I don't go for the traditional Buffalo Sauce for this recipe. Instead, I like to season with Ranch Seasoning, and then go with some Franks RedHot Sauce to spice it up.

You can buy Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing for this recipe, or make your own! 

Although Homemade Ranch Seasoning is an entirely different recipe– and I don't want to overwhelm you with ways to make your Buffalo Chicken Wraps– I definitely had to include this easy Ranch Mix so you can use it, if you prefer.

Having your own Ranch Seasoning and Dressing at home is a great way to get away from those preservatives found in storebought mixes! I love how easy it is, and just takes spices I usually already have in my pantry.

See this Homemade Ranch Recipe here.

To make the Ranch Dressing for this recipe, just add about 1/4 cup of either Plain Greek Yogurt, or Sour Cream. Mix well before adding it to your recipe.

Tortilla Wraps:

I usually go for the burrito sized wraps to finish off this easy recipe. You can find the larger sized tortillas anywhere!

I recently discovered Aldi's Fit n Active Burrito Sized Tortillas, which are lower carb and lower calorie than many of the other brands.

nice flour tortillas at walgreens

Hope you enjoy these Buffalo Chicken Wraps as much as we do! Here's your recipe:

Buffalo Chicken Wraps


  • 2 chicken breasts, shredded
  • 1 Tablespoon melted butter
  • 1/4 cup pepper sauce (I used Franks Red Hot)
  • 1/4 cup ranch dressing


  1. In a medium bowl combine butter, pepper sauce an ranch dressing. Add in chicken and stir around until coated.
  2. Serve chicken in wraps, sandwiches, salad wraps...etc! Great with pepper jack cheese!
  3. ENJOY

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