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Chocolate Covered Peeps!

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NOTE: If you're looking for a great deal on Peeps for this cool Easter idea you can score packs for 15¢ a Target thru 4/4. Check it out by clicking right here.

Check out this cute idea for a Easter treat! Chocolate covered Peeps! You can use the chick Peeps or the bunnies. I picked the bunnies because I wanted to add a cute marshmallow tail! Isn't that the cutest!

All you need is the Peeps, candy coating (chocolate or vanilla) and mini marshmallows. Yo can also put sprinkles on if you want as well.

Melt the candy coating according to directions. Be careful not to burn or to get any water into the chocolate or else it will be ruined. Gently dip the Peep into the chocolate and place on wax paper until it has set. If you are adding a marshmallow or sprinkles do it before the chocolate hardens.



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