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Welcome Summer With This Edible Beach Snack!

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Today was my daughter's last story time until summer is over. The theme was beaches. I made these cute little “Beach in a cup” treats for each of the kids! I told the kids that it was sand! They thought it was awesome! And perfect for the beginning of summer!

To make the “sand” all you need to do is take vanilla cookie sandwiches and put them in the food processor until they are finely crumbled. I only needed to make 10 serving so I used about 1 sleeve of cookies. For the water I used whipped cream with some blue food coloring. I put the “sand” in the cup and pushed it to one side. Then I put in a spoonful of whipped cream. That's it! EASY! I added some gold fish crackers, but I think Swedish fish would be cute too!

You kids will love to welcome summer with this treat!

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