Lazy One Pot Dinners Ready in 30 mins

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Need One Pot Dinner Ideas? Everyone has a day when they don’t want to cook. It can be after a particularly hard day at the office, or when the entire family is tired and you and just don’t feel the need for a big dinner. There are many reasons why you may not feel like cooking!

kid friendly lunches -One Pot Dinners Ideas

In many cases, the answer is to grab a takeaway.

Unfortunately, this is not the healthiest option and not even the fastest option! Instead, you can take a look at the latest designs in crumble cookware and make the following one pot dinners in just 30 minutes!

Orange Salmon

Simply put some salmon, oil, garlic, orange, chicken stock, and brown rice in your crumble pot with anything else that appeals for flavor. Let it bubble for twenty minutes and then enjoy! A little mint garnish is a perfect finishing touch.

Mince & Haloumi

As the name suggests the main ingredients in this one-pot recipe are minced beef and halloumi. You’ll also want some mozzarella, tomatoes, pasta sauce, and some herbs and spices to taste. If you aren't familiar with Halloumi, it's a mixture of goat, cow, and sheep's milk cheese. You can replace with another flavorful cheese if it's not something you cook with often. We would suggest a good quality goat cheese blend.

Let it all cook for 25 minutes and you’re ready to serve. It couldn’t be easier and there is virtually no mess to tidy up.

Instant Pot Alfredo Sauce bread sticks

Chicken Alfredo

This is one of those dishes that always looks and tastes fantastic in a restaurant. But, it is surprisingly easy to make at home. 

You’ll simply need to put some ricotta and spinach tortellini with your chosen creamy sauce and some chicken pieces. After twenty minutes it will be ready to eat.

Chicken & Pumpkin Vegetable Penne

Add diced chicken mixed with pumpkin, tomatoes, and any other vegetables you prefer, along with a tomato-based pasta sauce. That’s all it takes to create this delicious meal. That, and twenty minutes in your pot. We love root vegetables for fall and winter. They fill you up without packing on the calories. You can add butternut or acorn squash, or even mushrooms and peppers to fill out this dish.

For a pasta option, Penne, Spirals, or even Bow-Tie shaped pasta works well.

Spaghetti Bolognaise

You can use spaghetti and store-bought sauce or you can create the sauce yourself. Put it in the pan with some spinach and any other herbs that appeal and leave it for twenty-five minutes. This Instant Pot Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe is a great one to use if you're not one to cook over the stove often.

Beef or Turkey and Rice Skillet

If you need a change from chicken, use a ground beef or turkey in the skillet with your veggies. Add some beans and rice and you have a delicious meal in one pot ready in just thirty minutes!

We love this Southwestern Turkey Skillet Meal for a lazy one pot meal that the entire family will enjoy. It has some spice, but it's a great switch up from the usual taco night at home. Serve with chips and salsa, salad or even queso!

french onion skillet -One Pot Dinners Ideas

For a ton of flavor, try this French Onion Skillet Meal. This one can be served over pasta (just add the dry pasta into the skillet with about 1 cup of extra water after onions cook. The pasta and chicken will cook together. Stir 1-2 times through the cooking process to keep any pasta from sticking to the skillet. If you prefer rice with this dish, use an instant rice bag such as Success Rice. Add the rice and water after onions are done cooking, before you add the chicken to the skillet.

Final Thoughts

The key to successfully cooking dishes in thirty minutes is to think about what you would usually cook, such as a pasta dish. Then, instead of cooking it in your usual manner, put it all in your Instant Pot, skillet, or Dutch oven and let it simmer in its own juices. One Pot Dinners Ideas can come from many different recipes!

This will bring the flavors out more and transform your dish. In addition, remember that dicing your protein will help it cook faster. We hope you enjoy these easy one pot recipes and skillet meals! Naturally, doing food this fast is best suited to pasta and rice dishes, but your crumble oven can offer some great options if you want to try slow cooking with this product.

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