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Keto Ice Cream Bites

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Keto Ice Cream bites make a perfectly portion controlled– and low carb– dessert! It takes care of that craving for ice cream. And with many of us sticking to low carb eating plans or lifestyles, this dessert is a must-make! Check this homemade low carb ice cream.

Keto Ice cream Bites

Why Make Keto Ice Cream Bites?

For most of us who are busy with work, family, and life in general, making your own Low Carb Ice Cream Homemade Treats is probably not on your to do list! Honestly, if you can find them at the store, why make them??

Well, for one, any low sugar or low carb frozen treat will probably be a lot higher in cost than regular ice cream treats at the grocer! I actually shy away from spending money on those regular Nestle Drumsticks and ice cream sandwiches for the most part. As a more frugal person, I just think of how far that money will go for necessities like meat, produce, and stocking the pantry. Frozen treats can easily be $5 and up, just for a few servings that won’t last the week (at our house anyway)! 🙂 And Keto-friendly treats can add up even faster.

With this recipe you can make a lot more servings than if you were to buy them in the frozen food section at the store. You just need a silicone mold and some time set aside to make them!

Keto silicone trays

Making Your Low Carb Ice Cream Homemade Treats

This little gadget is actually a great one to have on hand in the kitchen, not only for this recipe. You can use this cube mold to make fudge recipes, Rice Krispy Treats, and much more. The cube shape is very versatile with desserts and bars. You can find more silicone molds here on Amazon if you wanted to try out different shaped desserts. In the baking and specialty aisle at Walmart you can probably find similar molds. Look near the cake decorating supplies!

keto melt chocolate chips

You will prepare your ice cream cubes first and make sure they are REALLY good and frozen before you dip them in the chocolate coating. The ice cream should be cold enough to bring down the temperature of the candy, rather than the other way around.

Reminder, to keep these keto-friendly, you will need to use a chocolate product such as Lily’s.

dunk ice cream bars in chocolate

When adding anything frozen to a melted coating, I always let the melted coating sit a few minutes before I dip. This allows it to cool down just a few degrees. You can also work in small batches. Remove only a few ice cream squares from the freezer at a time, and dip in the chocolate quickly. Return them to the freezer immediately! Having them popped out of the mold and on a handy tray will help this process go faster.

They won’t ruin if the ice cream melts a little, but you don’t want a big mess of melted ice cream mixing in your chocolate coating! I use a spoon to cover any edges that need it, as I go.

Keto Ice cream Bites

After you return your low carb ice cream homemade bites to the freezer, allow to sit for at least an hour. This will firm up the ice cream again. Be sure to store all your bites in a sealed freezer container for best flavor and results. They should keep well in the freezer as long as they are sealed.

To enjoy, I allow them to soften just a minute before I take a bite. They are best if the ice cream in side is a little on the soft side! Enjoy!

Low Carb Ice Cream Homemade Treat Note:

You can actually make this recipe with regular ice cream too. If you love your regular (non low carb) ice cream but have trouble with portion control, this recipe is a great way to have a small craving-buster dessert without hundreds of calories. Most ice cream servings are around 300 calories per serving, without any extras! I hope this recipe is one you enjoy.

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