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18 Fruits and Vegetables Good For Dogs

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See 18 Fruits and Veggies That Are Beneficial For Your Dog!

Disclaimer: I am not a vet, so this post is not providing dietary advice, but happy to share 18 foods that can be added to a healthy diet for your dog! Check them out below!

18 Fruits and Veggies That Are Beneficial For Your Dog

Does your dog love to share? Mine does and it's important to me to know what he can and cannot have!

Some fresh foods can actually be beneficial to your dog, and provide them nutrients just like they do for humans. 

Note of caution any time you're dealing with pets: always check with your vet (who knows your dog's breed and their health needs) what foods you should include in his or her diet, and how often to introduce new foods.

I am not a vet, so always go with what they recommend. 

Vegetables Good For Dogs:

Veggie Tray Dogs

  • Asparagus- This green veggie is full of vitamin AND minerals. 
  • Cucumber- This one is a low calorie refreshing treat! 
  • Brussels Sprouts- Along with other green leafy veggies, vitamin K is found in Brussels Sprouts! 
  • Carrots- Once or twice a week can supply healthy vitamins. 
  • Sweet Potatoes- Although many dog foods contain sweet potatoes, they are full of vitamins and a great addition to his or her diet if it's not in there already!
  • Pumpkin-  is a great source of fiber and can help firm up your dogs poop! Great if they have diarrhea. Also great for overall cardiovascular health.
  • Cantaloupe – is chocked full of vitamins that are great for your dogs eye sight like vitamin A and Beta Carotene. It’s also a good source of vitamin C, B-6, folate, fiber, potassium and niacin.


  • Watermelon- Remove all seeds and don’t let your dog chew on the rind. A, B6,C and potassium!

Baby Carrots

  • Spinach- contains iron, and can help protect against cancer, inflammatory and heart issues.
  • Bell Peppers- Just like humans, dogs can use the vitamins bell peppers are rich in, including E,A, and B6. Red Bell Peppers have the highest amounts!


  • Apples are full of vitamin C
  • Blueberries-low in calories and sugar! Fiber and antioxidants. Not all berries safe! Don’t feed anything with seeds or pits and always check with your vet! Do not feed your dog grapes or raisins , they can cause kidney failure!

Red Bell Pepper

  • Green Beans- They are just full of vitamins including A,C, and K.  There are also a lot of valuable minerals in green beans.  If your dog is used to canned food, boiled green beans are an easy way to add these to his or her diet.

Green Beans

  • Cranberries- Be extra careful with this one, as dogs can NOT have raisins in any form, but fresh cranberries may be an option. Check with your vet to see if your dog breed can have this tasty treat in moderation.
  • Raspberry- These can be healthy for dogs just like humans, since they are full of antioxidants. Moderation is key, and of course only fresh berries (not prepared).
  • Mango – This tasty summer treat is great for dogs, and full of vitamins and antioxidants. 
  • Oranges – Contains vitamin C of course! Be careful with serving size on this one- check with your vet, who can give you an idea of a good serving size!
  • Strawberries- lots of fiber and Vitamin C. Strawberries even contain an enzyme that can help whiten your dog’s teeth. But be careful they are full of sugar so feed in moderation.


Giving our Pets Fruits and Vegetables Good For Dogs:

This is my daughter's English Bulldog.  As with many dog breeds, they can be sensitive to foods other than their regular dog food.

If I include “table foods”, even fresh foods, we go slowly and don't do too much at once.


Our dog Boomer is getting up there in age and is also a small dog breed, so we take a little extra TLC with his diet.

I want to make sure I can include all the extra vitamins he needs for energy, so a bite of fresh food now and then is just right!

Boomer in backpack up close

This was him on a recent trip with us for our travel website! He needed to be carried around for a bit but I think he's doing great for his age.

How do you include healthy foods in your pet's diet? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

Thanks for reading!

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