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Pot of Gold Snack Mix

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Looking for healthier St Patrick's day snacks that aren't so full of sugar? This Pot of Gold Snack Mix is full of rainbow colors and is a healthier version to most St Patricks day snacks you see on Pinterest.

pot of gold full shot -St. Patrick's Day Snacks

Pot of Gold Snack Mix for St. Patrick's Day!

If you're looking for a fun way to brighten up St. Patrick's day for the family, this adorable snack mix will be a fun thing to set out! It's also perfect for school groups and get-togethers.

A Healthier Option:

One thing I noticed when looking at St. Patrick's Day Treats online was the vast amount of sweets and sugar in most recipes!! Whoa!

I admit I do have a sweet tooth, but sometimes adding a bowl full of candy to other sweets like mini cookies and chocolate is just a little too much. I got the idea of making a snack mix a little less sugary! This one would work better for smaller kids, or if you yourself aren't a fan of sweets.

You might notice this snack mix does contain M&M's and Sprinkles. If you're staying away from sweets all together, feel free to skip this option or even add a handful of Lily's Sugar Free Chocolate Chips (The White Chocolate would look better in the bowl).

Pot of Gold Snack Mix Right corner shot

Additions for this St. Patrick's Day Snack Mix:

I love the Rainbow Pepperidge Farm Goldfish for this mix. Of course it goes along with the Rainbow and Leprechaun St. Patty's day theme! And, everyone likes these no matter what age group you're in. 🙂

Pot of Gold Snack Mix Party Decorations

We also had to add mini pretzels for extra crunch. You can do pretzel rods or the mini Rold Gold Pretzels as shown or Snyders Pretzels, just depending on what you can find.

The fun thing about this snack mix is that I also added Veggie Straws! The green and yellow really brighten up the snack mix. Plus, I think it needed more green — just to be festive. You can find Veggie Straws in most stores. I found that the Sea Salt flavor worked well in this mix. It wasn't a weird mix of flavors like if I had used the Ranch flavored ones.

Pot of Gold Snack Mix up close -St. Patrick's Day Snacks

Finally, Add your M&M's and some fun St. Patrick's Day sprinkles. You can find these on Amazon or perhaps in the baking aisle at your grocery store in the spring months.

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