Coca-Cola Discontinued List: Stock Up Now!

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Do you love the classic taste of Coca-Cola? Stock up now, before it's too late! As part of its efforts to streamline and make more efficient their portfolio of products, Coca-Cola has announced a list of items that will no longer be produced for consumer consumption. Included in this Coca-Cola Discontinued List are some long-time favorites – drinks, mixes and flavored syrups that have had customers coming back time after time. Don't miss out on your fill of these classics; read on to find out which refreshments will be discontinued by Coca-Cola so you can hurry to stores while supplies last!

This information came directly from a customer service email.

Cocoa-Cola Discontinued List

Due to high demand of certain products and supply disruptions, They’ve had to temporarily shift their focus toward producing the products with the highest demand.

Coca-Cola Discontinued List

At this time, we can confirm that In the U.S. they will be phasing out

  • AHA Black Cherry+Coffee
  • AHA Apple+Ginger, Odwalla
  • ZICO : Hurry before it sells out!
  • TaB
  • Fresca Unsweet Strawberry
  • Coca-Cola Life
  • Barq's Creme Soda : Hurry before it sells out!
  • Dasani Strawberry
  • Fanta Mango
  • Fanta Green Apple
  • Fanta Wild Cherry
  • Gold Peak Blueberry Tea
  • Gold Peak Unsweetened Lemon Tea
  • Gold Peak Unsweetened Raspberry Tea
  • Honest Tea Green Tea with Jasmine & Honey
  • Honest Tea White Peach & Apricot Black Tea
  • Mello Yello Cherry
  • Mello Yello Peach and regional brands Northern Neck, Delaware Punch and Mendota Springs.

Their Hubert's brand will only be available in restaurants and eateries that choose that carry it. Regarding Sprite Lymonade, while some packaging options are being discontinued, the product itself is not. There will not be an option to purchase any of these products directly from Coca-Cola. If you see a favorite on this Coca-Cola Discontinued List, make sure you check your local stores now and stock up.

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