Finding the perfect educational gift for kids who love to learn

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There’s a common misconception about children and learning that seems to have permeated into how we choose gifts for these young minds. But the fact remains that despite the sea of loud and colorful toys, games, and other devices available to children these days, many kids are still driven by a desire to learn and discover, instead of achieving the highest score possible on the latest online game.  Let's look at finding the perfect educational gift for kids who love to learn.

educational stem robot toy -educational gift for kids

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with kids who love gaming and toys. But those children have unlimited options available to them for gift ideas. So, what happens when you’re shopping for a child who prefers to spend their time educating themselves because they find it enjoyable and fun?

Fortunately, places like Wicked Uncle exist and understand the importance of buying a gift that’s perfect for the individual child, not what’s simply trendy or popular at that time. To help you choose wisely, here are some ideas for finding the perfect gifts for kids who love to learn. 

A monthly book club subscription

Kids who love to learn will tend to also love the chance to get their eager noses into a good book. For lovers of literature, the gift of a brand new book waiting for them in their letterbox once a month is more than just a kind gesture. It’s the key to an immersive and fascinating new world that’s full of possibilities. 

For ongoing gifts, it’s hard to top a book subscription. The popularity of books for children means that young adult fiction has never had such a wide range of choices available before and with so many books aimed at so many different age groups, eager readers will never be short of a new adventure to lose themselves in. 

Melissa and Dough Dinosaur Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles

It doesn’t really matter how old the children you’re buying a jigsaw puzzle gift for are. Why? Because no matter what age range of child you’re buying for, there’s going to be a jigsaw puzzle aimed at their current tastes and problem-solving skills range. Thats why these make great educational gift for kids.

From cartoons and computer games to superheroes and more, there’s bound to be a puzzle that has a familiar favourite on the front. And a good and engaging jigsaw puzzle keeps kids occupied and away from their electrical devices for a few hours while offering a chance for the whole family to join in and spend quality time together. 

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Science kits

Some children have an unquenchable thirst for learning and discovery but prefer to learn in a more hands-on way than simply reading about what other people have accomplished in a book. Many science, chemistry, or other laboratory-themed kits are made to encourage young and inquiring minds to push themselves a little further and to try and conduct their own safe and simple experiments. 

If you can inspire a sharp little mind at the right age, you’ll help them to develop their problem-solving skills, their independence, and their sense of pride and accomplishment at doing things for themselves. And guess what? They’re fun as well! We hope this helped you with some ideas for educational gift for kids.

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