12 Uses for Old Gift Cards or Credit Cards

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Did you get gift cards for the holidays that you are still holding on to? See these 12 Uses for Old Gift Cards or Credit Cards!

12 Uses for Old Gift Cards

Why Reuse Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are one of the most popular gifts for adults around the holidays . Most people probably throw them away once they are all used up BUT did you know those old cards can be pretty useful?

These plastic cards are made of PVC plastic, which can be recycled but you do need to research where you can throw it in the recycle bin. Check with your recycle pickup before tossing them in.  If you don't like the idea of discarding plastic and want ideas to re-use these gift cards, here are some ideas!

Once you check out the 12 ideas below you may want to keep a couple of them around 😉 I am always looking for ways to reuse or recycle things that I have around the house.  

panera gift card

12 Uses for Old Gift Cards or Credit Cards

  • Reload it and reuse! This is probably the easiest option! Especially with Starbucks and Fast food Cards, it's easy to reload next time you're picking up a bite to eat or stopping for a drink.
  • Wallpaper or Contact Paper Install- Get rid of air bubbles when putting up new wallpaper by rubbing around the edges and corners with your gift card.
  • Great for removing candle wax – If you're re-purposing a glass candle jar, you need something to clean out the warm wax that can be discarded afterward. Instead of bending up a utensil, just use an old plastic card.
  • Bookmark– Some gift cards are super cute! Give to the kids or use yourself as a bookmark.
  • Use as a straightedge – My kids always seem to misplace rulers then need them to draw straight lines. 🙂 An old gift card works perfectly. You can also leave one in your crafting supplies.
  • Use as a letter opener – I haven't tried this one but if you're one who likes letter openers, this is a great frugal idea!
  • Toys– Of course these gift cards make great play toys for kids who love to play house.  They are fun to use! I like to mark through them so if I happen to see it later in the house I know it's used up. 😉
  • Ice Scraper – Those days heading home from work with ice on the windshield and no ice scraper can put you in a bind. Ice scrapers are great to have in the car but if they tend to get lost, just leave an old gift card in the glove compartment.
  • Guitar Pics- This is a super fun idea and you can get creative with different prints. Just Cut your own pics out with sharp scissors. Be careful with this project! It's not for kids.
  • Key chains – hearts, animal shapes and more! 
  • Monopoly Money- My family used to play those 2-3 day Monopoly games where everyone would eventually run out of money and just be writing it down on paper lol! I'm sure you can be creative with old gift cards as board game money.
  • Scrape gunk off your shoes – Any time you're scraping something, you could break your tool or nail. Using a disposable thing like an old gift card is an easy hack.
  • Price Stickers– Get those sticky price stickers off when you get home. Sometimes on dishes I let them wash and then get the glue and gunk off with a sharp thing like the side of an old gift card afterward. So easy! 

Even More Ideas:

There are lots of arts & crafts ideas too – we'll save those for another post 😉

Have any uses of your own you'd like to share? Feel free to post in the comments.

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  1. I know that I’ve done some of these, too. Also done the ‘lottery ticket scratcher’ and ‘re-enact old razor commercial for young people (shick side. Bic side)’ Thanks.

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