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DIY: Update an old Welcome Mat!

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welcome mat after #2

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I love finding ways to save money. Some of my favorite ways are by making things myself or by reusing something. Every day I walk over this welcome mat (the picture makes the before look better then it really was!), it was getting old and faded. I was just about ready to put it on my to-buy list when I got an idea. I pulled out the spray paint and started spraying. My husband looked at me like I was a little crazy, but I'm used to that! Here's how I did it

I first tried white spray paint, but I quickly discovered that it was not going to cover easily. The black spray paint worked great. I did 2 quick light coats to cover the previous design, then I let it dry.

I have a wooden letter H on my wall which I used for a stencil. You can print one or just free hand it. I took some chalk and traced around the H to create my outline. Then I painted it in with a paint brush and acrylic paint. I let it dry completely and then gently brushed off the chalk outline. Then I sprayed a coat of clear over the whole thing.

After it was all done my husband gave me a thumbs up!

If you like the look but don't have an old mat, then buy a new one (find a cheap plain one) and then paint on your initial. Personalized mats are super cute, but can also be costly! Do it yourself and save some $$!

The best part about this project was it didn't cost me any money. I used paint that I had on hand and I saved our old mat from being thrown away!

welcome mat before and after


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