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Tutorial: How To Do ZOMBIE Makeup With Items From Home!

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Here’s a quick and easy DIY Zombie makeup with things around the house!

Halloween ZOmbie Makeup

DIY Zombie Makeup for Halloween!🎃

Halloween is coming up quick! It’s one of my favorite holidays. I just love to see how excited my kids get! I admit that I am a frugal mommy and I hate spending a lot of money on Halloween costumes. I try to make my own and use stuff from around the house. Last year my oldest son wanted to be a zombie which is a very popular costume right now. It’s pretty easy to do…old, ripped clothes, pale face and blood…but I wanted his makeup to be a little extra “cool.” I found a way to make scars or gashes in the skin using things from home. Here’s what you’ll need and how to do it!

Halloween Makeup supplies

You’ll need toilet paper ( only a little, like 1 square!), elmer’s glue, flesh colored makeup ( steal mom’s or use a makeup kit) and fake blood. If you don’t have fake blood try to improvise with lip gloss or something like that!

Halloween makeup 1

First dab a few drops of glue where you want the gash. Then get a few drops of water on your finger tip and smooth the glue out.

halloween makeup 2

Next take a small piece of toilet paper, I used about 1/4 of a square and place it over the glue. Dap it with your finger to smooth it out. You may need to add a few more drops of glue and spread it around with wet fingers. Make sure the edges are glued down good so they don’t stick up.

halloween makeup3


Let it dry for few minutes until it’s tacky. Now you will make the gash. Use a pointed object ( no sharp!) and gently break the paper apart so that it looks like the skin is ripped.

halloween makeup 4

Let it dry completely. Chances are you will need to pull out a blow dryer to speed this process along.

halloween makeup 5


After it’s dry you add makeup. For this tutorial I just showed the basic makeup. In the picture at the beginning I used a makeup kit for the entire “dead” look. To make it look realistic add some yellow, green and blue around the gash. I also added some black around the eyes, cheek bones and a little around the mouth.

Halloween makeup 6


The final touch is adding the fake blood. Gently drop it into the gash that you made and let it pool up in there and drip out naturally. It will only take a few drops.

That’s it! Simple! My son got so many compliments on his make up and how real it looked.

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