Frugal Ways to Save at the Doctors Office

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When I was driving my children to school today I heard a new Public Service Announcement. It was talking about how we question many things everyday; however, we do not question our doctors. It was stating that we should ask WHY certain tests are being ordered, WHY am I taking this medication, WHAT are the side effects, etc. Many people take their Doctors advice as gospel and do not question it or understand why the doctor is doing certain things. Don't be shy SPEAK UP!

Well, that PSA got me thinking of other things people should do in their doctors office that would save them money:

  1. Be honest.  Lying to your doctor wastes both of your time and it gets you nowhere.
  2. If your taking over the counter medications, illegal drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, etc TELL YOUR DOCTOR!  The doctors office is not a place to be embarrassed about things.  If your embarrassed to tell people your doing something maybe you should not be doing it.  Ommitting information like that could lead to the wrong prescription being written for you or a possible drug interaction that could kill you.  Prescriptions are expensive so allowing the wrong one for you to be written is just insane.  Dying is not a good option either.
  3. Don't think you know more than the doctor.  Yes, you know your body more than your doctor; however, going into the doctor insisting you have XYZ that you read about on the internet and insisting he run certain tests on you is not a good thing.  Factually give the doctor your symptoms and experiences and you can state what your research found (maybe he can explain why he feels you do NOT have certain diseases), but trust the doctor.  If you disagree or have questions tell him and ask him the questions.  If you still disagree get a second opinion.
  4. Ask for samples.  Many doctors offices have samples of the medications they are prescribing.  Getting samples helps keep your initital costs down and makes sure you CAN take a certain medication before you invest in an entire month of it.  I know I am sensitive to some medications and I am allergic to many.  When I try medications I like to get a sample so I can try it and see if it works for me before I buy the prescription.

What are your simple ideas for saving money while at the doctors office?

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