GE Energy Saving Light Bulbs Save me Over $200 a Year

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GE Savings Calculator

If you haven't heard about the new legislative changes in January that will change what light bulbs can be manufactured and sold, you should read my post I did in November. You see, I have a fear of heights and I have always had a problem changing the bulbs in the high ceilings in my living room. When I heard about the new changes I decided to use GE's savings calculator to see how much money I could save by making the switch to the new GE Energy Saving light bulbs. After counting all the light bulbs in my house we figured out that we would need 8 GE Energy Smart LED R30 and 30 GE Energy Smart Bright from the Start bulbs. Holy cow I can't believe I have that many bulbs in my house. (this did not include the 4 outside lights that we forgot to calculate)

After using the GE savings calculator we found out that we would be saving over $200 a year by making the switch and I wouldn't have to change my light bulbs as often. So basically for me it's a win win situation. I would also be reducing 1.146 tons of CO2 annually. Did you know that if every U.S. household made the same switch it would reduce the same amount of CO2 as planting 36,705,571 acres of trees?

Jump on board to save money and make the switch today!

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  1. Even if everyone just switched ONE bulb, it would make a huge difference. If you can’t switch all at once, at lease consider doing one light, or one room, and move up from there! 🙂

  2. I thought I had switched over most of my bulbs…until I actually went to count! It’s overwhelming! (And I feel like I had been throwing money away this whole time!)

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