How to have a Successful Garage Sale!

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 A garage sale is a great way to declutter your home and make some extra cash while you are at it. If you are looking to have a garage sale soon we've got some simple tips to help you get started.

  1. Plan ahead!!!!! Be prepared that some work is involved and it won't be easy. If you get your mind ready it will go a lot easier and more successful.  Take the time to really clean everything up instead of just opening the garage and throwing it out there.
  2. If you have some great toys and electronics be prepared with batteries or extension cords to reassure people that everything works. Set everything up in groups for these types of items and label everything clearly. Be prepared for hagglers. You may want to price slightly above what you want, then you won't feel so bad when people ask for less.
  3. Signage is very important! Clear signs and detailed directions will insure more people! Be sure and take part in the free advertising sites like, and Freecycle groups. If it's a hot day, score some extra cash by selling cold drinks. My kids love to set up a snow cone stand and it's always a hit.
  4. Tell your kids that whatever they sell they get to keep the cash. You will be amazed how quickly they will clean out their rooms and get rid of all that old junk.
  5. Instead of putting things in order scatter your stuff around. It makes people have to actually look instead of skimming over your items. I have sold allot more items this way.
  6. Keep things out of the sun like makeup, candles etc. No one wants to buy things that have sat in the sun too long.

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  1. My end-of-sale tip for getting rid of the JUNK… @ the end of the day put up a BIG sign “Fill a Bag for a Buck” (be sure to pull the items you aren't taking to goodwill,etc and set aside, I will tell my customers, except for the items on this table). You will be amazed how people will haul off all your unsold junk and lighten your load to charity. Be sure to have LOTS of plastic bags on hand!

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