Money Eggs! For the hard-to-please Easter Basket!

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I have two little girls and it’s easy to know what to put in their Easter Baskets, coloring books, chalk, bubbles…But what do you do if you have a Tween or Teen? I don’t think they will be that thrilled to get a coloring book! So I was brain storming. What does every Teen like? Cash! So I came up with a clever way to give it to them that’s perfect for their Easter Basket!  Money filled eggs!

First you need to blow an egg. If you've done this before you know it’s not that hard, but you do look silly doing it. My 4-year kept asking me why I was kissing the egg! You could use already dyed eggs, or write something clever on it. I’ve been trying to think of something witty but I’m at a loss. Leave a comment if you've got something good!

Poke a hole in both ends of the egg. You can use a safety pin or a little nail. The hole you blow in doesn’t need to be that large but the hole the egg insides comes out will need you be a little bigger. It will need to be big enough for a rolled up dollar to fit in.

(Not a very flattering picture!)

 Now place the larger hole over a bowl and blow into the other hole. It takes about the same amount of force as it would to blow up a balloon. Give it a little shake to break up with yoke. Once it’s empty, rise it out with water and let it dry out.

To add money you will need to fold it in half length wise and then roll it as tight as you can. Now just pop it in the hole!

Instead of money you could put confetti, glitter, or a love note to your hubby! This would also be cute if you were doing a scavenger hunt! You could put clues in each egg!

Have a Happy Easter!!

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