How to Keep Your Stockpile Working for You

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Once you have the stockpile it can actually cost you money if you are not careful. If a stockpile starts taking over your home then it is costing you the enjoyment of your home. You do not live in a store. There is nothing wrong with getting shelves or other items to house your stockpile, but be sure the savings in the long run outweigh the expense.

Here are some tips to keep track of what you have so you make sure you do not have to throw unopened new products away.

Inventory- I keep an inventory of what I have. I am not talking about an exact inventory, but the key to keeping a good stockpile is to know what is in the stockpile. It helps keep costs down since you are not running to the store to buy items you already have.

Expiration- Keep an eye on your expiration dates on the items that are in your stockpile. You are not saving any money if you eat expired food that makes you sick. I know some items have a long shelf life, but many things eventually expire or go bad. Keep that in mind before you get large quantities of items.

Do you love it? Before you stock up on an item and buy extra of them to stockpile, do you love that item? Sure you could get a bunch of item XYZ free but are you willing to eat that many product XYZ’s? Decide how many of each thing you would be willing to eat. This is important on items that have many flavors like salad dressing. If your stockpiling them make sure you get a variety of flavors or make sure you really want to eat just one flavor for a long period of time.

Use it- Yes, it is nice to have a stockpile of items and know you could go a couple months without having to do a major shopping trip. It is however important to use the items. I like to make sure I use all of the meats and frozen items in my freezers every summer. I can then stock up again for the winter and know that nothing will be freezer burnt or not taste good. I choose summer since we like to cook out and I have company quite often so I can cook more meat at a time. I like being able to reach into my freezer when unexpected company come and be able to have a variety of meat to cook.

What are your ways for maintaining your stockpile?

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  1. So true, when I started buying sale items with coupons I would stock up all I could. Sometimes we got tired of the same thing or we didn’t get it used before it expired. It’s great to get a good deal but I have learned to only stock what I know we can use in a two month span. There will always be another sale.

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