Make a Trendy Candy Jar From an Old Pickle Jar… Seriously Cute!

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Make a Trendy Candy Jar!

Make a Trendy Candy Jar from an old pickle jar!

Save a Pickle Jar and Make a Trendy Candy Jar!

I’m all about HO-HO-HOmemade gifts for the Holidays! This candy jar  is super easy and I love that you get to take something that would be going into the trash and make it into something new and awesome!

What you will need  is a pickle jar (clean it and then clean it again to try to get the smell out!), candle stick, drawer knob (you don’t have to have one but it makes it look fancier with one), spray paint, and glue. I also cut out vinyl letters that spelled candy and added them.

Glue the knob onto the lid before spray painting it. Spray paint the candle stick and lid with a few light coats to get the best coverage. Let it dry completely and then glue according to instructions on the glue. I use E600 and it take a full 24 hours to completely set, but it is my favorite glue.

Fill it with candy or treats and it makes an awesome gift!

DIY candy jar

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  1. Love, love, LOVE this idea! You may want to correct the typo in the last sentence, though. It made the middle-schooler inside me giggle.

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