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8 Uses for Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Grapefruit essential oil is a favorite for many essential oil users. Grapefruit essential oil has a sweet citrus scent and also some other awesome uses as well. It can be used for everything from treating cellulite to making body scrubs! Here are 8 uses for grapefruit essential oil.

When it’s diffused, added to a bath, or even just dabbed on the skin like a perfume, it can help reduce stress. Add several drops to a cotton ball, add a touch of coconut oil, then rub into your wrists.

Diffuse some grapefruit oil along with another citrus scent such as lemon or orange. Your home will be filled with a clean scent, plus it also helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria in the air.

  • Fight Sugar Cravings

Diffuse grapefruit essential oil throughout the day or apply to the palms of your hands. Then, cup your nose and mouth and inhale deeply.

  • Appetite Suppressant

Diffuse 30 minutes before eating to help suppress your appetite.

  • Combat Anxiety

Diffuse for 30 minutes three times a day to help combat anxiety and lift your mood.

  • Create your Own Disinfecting Cleaner

Make your own disinfecting cleaner by combining equal parts water and vinegar, and shake in 10-15 drops of grapefruit essential oil. Use on hard surfaces as a disinfectant.

  • DIY Facial Toner

Make your own facial toner by combining grapefruit essential oil, distilled water, and vinegar or witch hazel to make a natural toner.

  • Migraine or Headache Relief

To help relieve migraines or other headaches, massage onto temples or inhale directly from the bottle.

Applying citrus oils to skin can cause photosensitivity, so limit your sun exposure for at least 6 hours after using. Grapefruit essential has so many uses and can be used throughout your home. To purchase your own grapefruit essential oil, click here.


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